Friday, April 11, 2008

Good morning Australia


Goodnight Canterbury

Cardinal O'Brien on embryo research


Germany votes to use human beings for experiments.

A terrible and frightening decision for a country with such a past.   

The Research Minister Annette Shavan is described as a conservative and a Catholic.   Not much of a conservative, even less a Catholic.

Asylum Seekers Desecrate Catholic Church

As they re-occupy the Church of the Beguinage in Brussels. This first occured in 2000, when they trashed the place. Now, with the full permission of the parish priest- this is, after all, the parish whose biggest event in the year is a Multi-Cultural Picnic in the square in front of the Church.

Outside the Church

And inside.  When I can find someone in authority, will find out if the Blessed Sacrament is still reserved.  In the meantime, sympathisers and asylum seekers turn the nave into a place for chat.

The South Aisle

Banner strung between confessionals which are used for storage.

South aisle from the other direction

The altar of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Sacred Heart altar

Lifting the blue curtain- to reveal two women chatting away and the Sacred Heart altar laden with rubbish.

The Welcome Office in the Church- welcome to asylum seekers but to n0-one else.

Another confessional wardrobe

Some screens- the advert is for a Pispottenfestival.

The Unholy Sleepers of Brussels

On another noticeboard-

The asylum seekers are watched over by The Hand.  Incredibly, it is meant to represent the Hidden Hand of Adam Smith's economics.   What is this doing in Church?

Another poster- Become Scandalously Fraternal- a parody advert for a Church charity which parodies a lottery poster- Become Scandalously Rich.

Its a scandal alright- there are hundreds of halls to occupy in Belgium.  Why desecrate a Church?

See also Muslim Group transforms Chapel.

Dominican Rite


Pope will call for a "collective purification"

of the US Church when he during his visit next week when he speaks to a meeting of priests on 19th April.

The Descent into Barbarism

England. 2008

About 200,000 terminations take place in England and Wales every year. The numbers have been rising steadily for a long time. Are we saying that the availability of information about safe sex and reproduction is diminishing? Hardly. What's missing is a code of ethics.

And in the meantime, a palace is waiting its new resident in Brussels.

New movement without statutes

Reactions has the news that the statutes of the Neo-Catechumenal Way will not be approved in a short time frame, according to Bishop Clemens of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. Great news. Click on the label to find out why.

Live the Latin Mass every day

Great article in Washington Post.