Thursday, March 06, 2008

St Padre Pio

Video of the opening of the tomb

Video shows Muslims desecrating a Serbian church in Kosovo -

The video shows Muslim soldiers as they desecrate a Serbian Church.

(Placed in the archive, as it starts automatically on the main page and this is a disturbing sound)

They obviously enjoy destroying pictures of saints, throwing around church benches, and spraying the Cross with machine gun fire. Can we think that with such images that Kosovo is truly "free"? This all happened not more than 1000 km away from us at the heart of Europe. We pray that these images remain the exception and do not become daily life for Christians in Kosovo. Additionally, the question is to what extent religions are an escape valve for a political anger, or are used for this purpose?

Cathcon- please note this does not appear to be from recent days but at an earlier stage. No-one who desecrates Churches on the road to independence, deserves independence. Kosovo is the cradle of Serbian Orthodoxy- it is a bit like England letting Kent and Canterbury go, if a large group of French had settled there.

Many more examples here from Interfax.