Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stealth priestess leads the Corpus Christi Procession


Guilty of incipient protestantism by carrying a Gospel Book in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Catholics venerate Our Lord in this Most Blessed Sacrament, not the Gospel Book in itself, although judging by some liturgical performances there are some that do.

Blasted heath Mass in Germany

With grill following!

Episcopal games must stop.

Why Brentwood Catholics are incensed.

And looks as if Monster Masses will be shortly a thing of the past as Archbishop says that the book that he wrote, he didn't write- it was just the wild imaginings of editors, which he then put his name to.

Where there is no vision the people perish

as Church of England donates cash to aid Muslim prayer

"A diocese of the Church of England is giving an unprecedented £250,000 towards a multi-faith building in which the largest amount of worship space will be reserved for Muslims.

The Guildford diocese is one of the wealthiest in the UK. The Bishop of Guildford, the Right Rev Christopher Hill, today handed over the £250,000 cheque to Surrey University for the first multi-faith building of its kind in Britain."

Martin Luther - a challenge for Catholics


The Bishop of Magdeburg, Gerhard Feige wants more involvement of the Catholic Church in the 500th anniversary of the Reformation due in the year 2017. Luther was also for Catholics "a spiritual and theological challenge”

who cannot be avoided on the path to the unity of the Christians," said the Magdeburg bishop. (Cathcon- I seem to remember that Luther split the Church) The Evangelical Church in Germany is planning a decade of celebrations leading up to the anniversary of the Reformation which will be inaugurated this September. During the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the death of the reformer Martin Luther in 1996, there was also an Ecumenical Church Day in Eisleben, recalled Feige. The historical realities could not be undone. But they could be healed by Christians together by meeting the positive concerns of the Reformation.
(Cathcon- what positive concerns- the very name protestant is negative)

One also should never forget the grotesque anti-semitism of Luther.

He preached in Magdeburg and to this day, the centre of the town is a predominantly Protestant. Such a position as the Bishop's gives him a toehold in the society of the town, no more.

Even though Benedict XVI will not be able to attend

The Church in Quebec is enthusiastically preparing the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.

Surely the Papal no-show is not something to do with the fact that Archbishop Marini is organising the Congress. No surely not.

German angst about celibacy

spreads to Brazil.