Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lambeth Palace has no shame

as they purchase a copy of the death warrant of Mary Queen of Scots

Fault lines in German Catholicism


Cathcon translation of
Presseerklärung des Netzwerks katholischer Priester
Press Statement by the Network of Catholic Priests

"Celibacy is not theologically necessary" (Archbishop Zollitsch)

This was among the statements on 18.02. 2008 made by the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

The misleading statements by the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference on the obligation to celibacy of Catholic priests (Spiegel, 18.02.2008) has reopened the discussion on this subject and given the public the impression that this issue is now up for re-negotiation. As the headline in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in its Monday edition "Zollitsch moves away from celibacy," (18.02. 2008). This external impact, the chairman of the Bishops’ Conference is responsible for as he has gone public on the matter.

The Network of Catholic Priests feels that the statements of His Excellency are "unhelpful" and not one that strengthens the identity of the Catholic priest - especially with regard to the young priests. The Bishop's thought games on the topic of "celibacy" unsettle the faithful and make the service of consecrated priest on the ground more difficult.

The Network of Catholic Priests has repeatedly pointed out that the so-called "cooperative pastoral" propagated in the German dioceses represents danger for the young priest: Priests are bound into these structures, which rob them of their duties as head of the parish and teacher of the Faith and lead them into the practical breakdown of the parochial principle.In our opinion, the obligation to a celibate way of life (which also priestly service to the most appropriate life form, see Second Vatican Council: PO 16) does not damage the young priest, but the dilution of the sacramental priesthood by (Cathcon- pseudo)-democratic organizational structures.

We feel a new round of the celibacy discussion to be diversionary and ask the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference imploringly to raise the real problems of the Church in Germany.

The Panel of Spokesmen- All three Parochial Clergy

All this comes from when people forget that a priest acts in persona Christi- he is no longer a layman, but he is not Jesus Christ, just acting in his person. He should not be a President but a servant. There is the true balance will be found, not by clericalising the laity, and laicising the clergy.

Pope keeps European Parliament on tenterhooks

Welt Online

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Benedikt XVI. lässt EU-Parlamentspräsidenten zappeln

The EU parliament adorns itself with prominent guests. The Dalai Lama was already there, the South African Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu also - as well as the Russian opposition leader, Garry Kasparov.

Last week, Prince Charles gave royal splendour to Brussels and gave the European Parliament a fiery speech about the issue dear to his heart, climate protection. Only one person keeps the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering on tenterhooks: Pope Benedict XVI.

Reportedly, the Parliament of MEPs sent an invitation to the Vatican about a year ago, but the Pope wraps himself in silence - why, no one knows, and no one dares to get to the bottom of it. One can only wait and hope, they say. Nothing more.

Some suspect that the reluctance of head of the Church is associated with the bad experiences of his predecessor. When Pope John Paul II once graced the MEPs with a visit, he was was reviled by the Northern Irish Protestant leader and current Prime Minister Ian Paisley as "the anti-Christ" and was thrown from the floor under loud protests.

Although this is 20 years ago - but today nobody can exclude embarrassing scenes. There are enough troublemakers in Parliament. Just back in December, a group of EU-sceptics from Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic had ensured a scandal, as they disrupted the solemn signing of the EU reform treaty with jeers and foot stamping.

A Papal visit for the "European Year of Intercultural Dialogue" would suite the EU, as the year is full with many dignified events. In January, the Great Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, talked to the MEPs. "There is no holy war, but peace is sacred," he said in his speech to much applause.

Also, the British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,the Israeli President Shimon Perez, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are on the invitation list of Parliament – an assembly of names that does not please everyone.

"It is scandalous that the European Parliament invites old men and not a single woman," complained the Swedish Green Carl Schlyter. Alternatives, however, he has not mentioned, not even a single old woman. These proposals are certainly welcome - as would be a sign from the Pope. But there is nothing ....

Surely the Pope has not gone so far as to identity these two. Although when you go inside the Strasbourg Building, one does find a courtyard, as the whole edifice is hollow and there is much talking, the content of which only insiders can understand.

New life breathed into Gillibrand Hall

once the home of Catholic gentry and latterly La Sagesse Sisters. The hall itself is now a nursing home, which as far as I could see is well run.

"A fabulous new development that’s just a mile away from Chorley town centre is coming to Gillibrands, as Redrow Homes launches its much-anticipated Hallwood Gardens.

The award-winning house builder has now officially unveiled the venture, located off Butterworth Brow, and house lovers on the hunt for the perfect home are being invited to visit the marketing suite to find out more about the latest Lancashire scheme.

The development will be constructed within the woodland grounds of the historic Grade II listed Gillibrands Hall building and the first completions are due in May 2007."

It has not pleased God to save Germany by disputation

to paraphrase St Ambrose.

Online Ausgabe der Tagespost

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Prohibition on thinking

Suddenly everyone knows it: Yesterday, Robert Zollitsch officially became Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference. And the hitherto largely unknown prelate is suddenly on everyone's lips. His fellow bishops elected the Archbishop of Freiburg in the previous week to succeed Cardinal Lehmann. From then on, all wanted to know who this man is, what he believes and what he thinks. Almost overnight, a rather quiet dignitary was catapulted into the spotlight. And Zollitsch willingly talked.

The first days after his election were marked by an interview offensive. Now we know more. That he was in love and would have been happy to become a father, the Archbishop told all and spoke about his passion for mountain climbing and cactus breeding. That certainly would never kickstart the debate, which now overshadows the office of Robert Zollitsch. That was ensured his comments on a possible easing of celibacy. The connection between the priesthood and celibacy was "theologically not necessary," he said in interviews, and spoke out against “prohibitions on thinking. " One might to excuse Zollitsch say that he lacks experience in the media. He then gave a more considered opinion, and rowed back cautiously, as the discussion has produced high waves.

But considered opinions are one thing, issues another. Now, the debate is running and Catholics are stuck back into old emotional disputes. Already, the disagreement between Rome and Germany is recalled and the Church once again spins around itself. This is not only sad, but tragic. Yesterday, it was still a question of God. Today, everything is about celibacy. Let no one say, that there was not the prospect to speak about fundamental matters.