Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Letter found from Pope John Paul II to St Padre Pio

Radio Vatikan

Cathcon translation of Wojtyla schreibt an Pater Pio

From an archive in Krakow, a letter from an unknown Karol Wojtyla to Father Pio has emerged, reports the Italian daily newspaper "Il Giornale". The letter from the late Pope John Paul to the southern Italian saint was discovered in the residence of the Krakow archbishop; Wojtyla was in 1963, when he wrote the letter, Archbishop of the city. In the letter, he asked Father Pio to pray for the sick and for him personally. Previously, only two shorter Wojtyla letters to Father Pio have been known. The future pope met the miraculous healer and visionary Father Pio only once - in 1948, when he studied in Rome. The newly found letter will play a role in the canonisation process for John Paul.

Is Protestantism a tragedy or a comedy

as the Sunday Morning TV Service in Germany is broadcast from a theatre. See the video- they opened with a small theatre piece about a Greek myth.

The Third Bishop


A third leading candidate has been suggested by German TV this morning in the fight for the Chairmanship of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference. Meet Archbishop Ludwig Schick, Archbishop of Bamburg, seen here at the Ecumenical Youth Day.

Cathcon suddenly becomes very depressed.

Communion in the Hand

Just say no!

Cardinal hits out at Archbishop of Canterbury

People here 'must obey the laws of the land'

German Protestant Attack on Rowan Williams


Extract from Bishop Huber's speech- end of section 5

In all Western societies, there is currently widespread concern about the formation of parallel societies; everywhere one must work for integration and the strengthening of social cohesion. This was also the concern of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who yesterday made a surprise proposal. He has proposed that Muslims in Britain for certain legal areas can choose whether to apply British law or be subject to Sharia - so they should, for example, have the opportunity of going to a sharia court in marriage or financial disputes.

I support the objective, of strengthening integration and social cohesion. But the proposed compromise, I reject. I think it is wrong to assume a double law system and hope for integration as a result. Cultural and religious particularities can be allowed for within the existing law which applies for all, but they cannot enter into competition. The only open question is how far religious influences have a legitimate place within a legal system or can be involved in the formulation of legislation. The idea that Sharia law could have force in law in specific legal areas or for certain groups, I think, on the other hand, to be out of the question. I also find it not correct to enhance the status of a legal system, which in some countries contains the provision that the change of religion is a 'apostasy from Islam' and should be punished with death. Against such an extension has incidentally Archbishop Rowan Williams stated explicitly,

"No one, in their right mind, wishes to see in this country the brutalities associated with the legal practice in some Islamic countries." (Cathcon- cannot yet find the Williams original)

Can someone translate the Archbishop's speech into English- not sure what language it is written in.?