Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton Confirms


She Will Appoint Pro-Abortion Judges as President

Don't say you haven't been warned. Vote her down. Vote her out.

India: Cardinal for Dialogue with Hindus


The President of the Indian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, has called for interfaith dialogue. Religions, said the Cardinal, have much that unites them. "We can decide how to deploy our forces: to unite or to separate. We must together build India. "Since Christmas, Christians in the state of Orissa have been persecuted by militant Hindus. Behind the violence are suspected political motives. An end to persecution is not currently in sight.

Broadcast dissidence

Cathcon translation of Drewermann funkt- Drewermann broadcasts

The “theologian” and psychoanalyst Eugen Drewermann gets his own radio broadcast. This was announced yesterday by Radio Bremen. On the last Saturday of the month he will fill the "Talk Time" slot of NWR from 20.05 pm to 22 pm. The dogmatic theologian had to leave his Chair of Catholic theology in 1991 because he said the ban on marriage for Catholic clergy is a threat to their mental health (Cathcon-he means his mental health!) and the doctrine of the virgin birth he described as not credible (in his own opinion!) . The first Drewermann broadcast on 26 January addresses the "power of money" (why, was he short of it, after he left the priesthood?)

Absolutely Cool Mass

was less than good in Vatican eyes

Non-ordained "Presider"

ROME, JAN. 22, 2008 ( by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university.

Q: I was present at a Mass where a male, non-ordained religious was seated in the sanctuary amid a large group of priests who were concelebrating at a Mass celebrated by a bishop. The religious was the president of the school and was listed as "presiding." Is this in accord with liturgical norms? Can a religious or layperson ever be permitted to preside in the sanctuary at a Mass? -- W.F., New York

A: This is perhaps a demonstration of the ambiguity and limitations of the noun "presider" to refer to the celebrant or presiding concelebrant of a Mass.

Only an ordained minister can, strictly speaking, preside at any liturgical act. In the case at hand it was certainly the celebrating bishop who presided at the Mass.

While I have no more information on the role of the non-ordained religious than contained in the question, I would suppose that the Mass formed part of a series of liturgical and non-liturgical acts on an occasion such as a graduation or the inauguration of an academic year.

In such a case, reference to the religious as presiding probably referred to the totality of the acts. It would certainly be incorrect to refer to him as presiding at the Mass.

It is possible for laypersons to be seated in the sanctuary, usually when they have a specific ministry to fulfill, such as reader and server or in some cases when they receive a sacrament.

There are also some specific customs allowing for persons having some civil or non-ordained ecclesiastical dignity to be seated in the sanctuary area during Mass. This would appear to be the case regarding the president of the school.

The general tendency of the liturgical norms is to move away from such special protocols, but some are legitimately preserved out of long-standing custom.

In such cases the person should have a place that is distinct but clearly separate from that of the concelebrating priests and other lay ministers so as to avoid any confusion.

This kind of distinction honours a person's particular function rather than the individual as such. It does not, however, mutate or enhance the person's role as a member of a hierarchically constituted liturgical assembly.

Non-essential real estate

"The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has sold its 12-story chancery on Wilshire Boulevard to help pay part of the costs of a record-breaking $660 million lawsuit settlement with alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse reached in July 2007.

The archdiocesan newspaper, the Tidings, reported the sale in its Jan. 18 edition. The archdiocese sold the Catholic Center for $31 million to Jamison Properties, but will lease back four floors of the 12-floor building from Jamison under a five-year lease agreement."

Just imagine if a commercial company had such a vast amount of non-essential real estate. Gone forever.

Priesthood of all Carnival Fools


After the Second Vatican Council, there has been an exaggerated sense of the priesthood of all believers. Here is a photo prior to a Carnival Mass in Germany which shows the next step in the process. Priest blending in with the Carnival.

Cardinal Bagnasco criticises the state of society in Italy


Cathcon translation of - Nachrichten - Kardinal Bagnasco kritisiert Zustand der Gesellschaft Italiens

With harsh criticism of the society of his country, the Chairman of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, opened the spring meeting of the Episcopacy.

Italy is marked by fragmentation and inertia, said Bagnasco, according to Kathpress. The Genoa Archbishop warned against a "widespread and dangerous loss of trust".

Given the blocked economic upturn, fear of the future and fatalism are stalking the country, he noted in his keynote speech that the Italian newspaper "Avvenire" printed on Tuesday in full.

Bagnasco demanded the Abortion Act of 1978 should be adapted to current medical knowledge and opportunities and give priority to the protection of life, especially with regard to late abortion after the 22nd week of pregnancy.

He strongly opposes any legal recognition of non-marital family situations, as it would be "virtually withdraw the underlying rationale for the rights and privileges of married couples." Next, he spoke out against accelerated divorce proceedings, given the repercussions on the general understanding of marriage.

On the scandal surrounding the Pope's cancelled visit to the University of Rome "La Sapienza", he indirectly accused the government of failure. The decision of Pope Benedict XVI not to participate in the opening of the academic year was made "on the recommendation of the Italian authorities".

Bagnasco condemned the whole process as a "serious incident of intolerance". The Office of the Minister-President immediately rejected the accusation. The Government has never recommended cancelling the visit encouraged, they noted in a statement on Monday.

Bach Organ Works

Lots of them. Hear them for Free!

Hat tip

New use for St Patrick's Cathedral, New York

Its called a bomba dance.

Absolutely Cool Mass


Cathcon translation of – Saugeile Messe

More pictures on

In Vienna, they attract young people with disco music and superficial chatter into the Church. At the end, the consecrated breadcrumbs were swept together. On the 20 Jan, the 'Catholic Youth' of Vienna organised a Disco Mass in the municipality of Eibesthal.

One of the organizers, Stephan Bazalka, described the Mass in a press release as an "event" and "a Rock Mass."

Eibesthal is a suburb of the town of Mistelbach. It is fifty kilometers northeast of Vienna.

Two priests and two lay assistants presided over the Mass.

The two lay people at the altar were called Pamela (14) and Manuel.

About 1,000 young people were driven to the Disco Mass in Weinviertel driven. The church was full up.

The Mass was dedicated according to the organizer, to a "special issue". This was "Not typical!"

Pamela gave youthful thoughts as a slogan: "Certainly, someone has accused you of something. But probably something nice was not meant. "

The content of the Mass dealt with role stereotypes between men and women. The churchgoers decided how deep-rooted role models are.

The sermon was given by the four presiders together. According to the press release, this earned them many laughs: "what is not fitting, what to parents and grandparents is just too much: tattoos and piercings in certain locations, for example!"

The 14 year old Pamela encouraged the youngsters, to go "your way", "If you choose from inner conviction, God is with you!"

Manuel also told the youngsters not to let themselves be forced into classical roles. At the end of the Mass, youngsters were give a mirror as a gift. "If you look into it, you shall remember to be typically 'DU' " – according to Manuel (Du-familiar form in German of you).

In the guestbook, some praised the Disco Mass as "absolutely cool."

18-year-old Maria is not against the Disco Masses: "But I find the whole thing is appropriate for Bible reading services, but not necessarily suitable for Mass."

As is usual for the Vienna Rock Masses, the priest consecrated pieces of crumbly bread instead of wafers. But that was rather beside the point.