Friday, January 18, 2008

Catholic Church to construct monument

to clergy killed during Spanish Civil War

Ruined Catholic Church


in what was once Northeast Prussia

Archbishop Thissen of Hamburg


not a candidate to succeed to the Chairmanship of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference. Liturgists will be relieved.

The highs and lows of ecumenism


This year the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrates its 100th Birthday. An important date, because without prayer there can be no progress towards church unity, said the Vatican "Minister of Ecumenism" Cardinal Walter Kasper to Vatican Radio. All the more important is the prayer when there are "atmospherics", such as those last year after the ecumenically controversial Vatican document on the understanding of the Church.

"Of course, there are, like in all things, human highs and lows. There are always disappointments. But we can be convinced that if we are in and with Jesus Christ and in his name pray that this prayer will be met in a way, that he wants and when and how and where he wants. "

The Prayer Week, is not only an internal matter, it is also the concern of the world.

"The ecumenical movement was from the beginning associated with the peace movement, and so we are , in this year in particular, to think of the situation in the Near East, where, as it were, the Church is at home, and where they are currently in great distress."

Cardinal attacks disturbers of (his) peace

See previously Alpine Storm

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn has give the correct answer to the insults against Islam by the Freedom Party (FP) politician, Susanne Winter. The "disturbers of the peace" should not get the upper hand, the path of mutual cooperation must be in the foreground.

The "Mohammed / child molester" speech of the FP-politician from Graz was guaranteed unanimous rejection. In "Heute" exclusively, Cardinal Schönborn speaks in his column. He criticises the "disturbers of the peace", which would jeopardize mutual cooperation. "They must not win the upper hand. We will do everything to ensure this," was the appeal of the Archbishop.

Schönborn’s important statement is a response to the retired politician, Erhard Busek (VP-People's Party), who made an unspeakably massive attack (you must be the cardinal " who in a spiritual sense gives a clip around the ears so that he wakes up"). The VP distanced itself from its former party chief: he is sustaining " Winter’s way of speaking".

FPÖ chief HC Strache now in the meantime has backtracked: He wanted no such statements in future, they were "unfortunate".

Earlier disturbances of the peace in Vienna 1683 and 1938

Extraordinary Form Singapore

Just Wonderful!

Roncesvalles: Neither Woe, Grandeur, Nor Lust, Nor Fear

The Lion of Münster

"There is no such thing as life unworthy of living."