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Satanic sects in the Vatican

Cathcon translation of
Satanische Sekten im Vatikan

Don Gabriele Amorth is the busiest exorcist in Europe. His job is to keep the Roman Pontiff free of demons. This is because, says the priest, the devil is abroad in the Vatican. SPIEGEL Author Alexander Smoltczyk has visited the priest - and to test out any demons.

Rome - Everything goes wrong today. First, the Roman taxi drivers strike without any warning. Even the address specified cannot be found on the map plan of the city. Then the photographer calls and says that his camera had not charged. He must dismantle and repair it. All seems jinxed. "You are an hour late," is the first sentence of Father Gabriele Amorth. He smiles.

Don Gabriele is the Chief Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome and hence the caster out of devils responsible to the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI. The 82-year-old priest is in a cassock with 33 buttons. He is almost bald, the double chin hangs down, a little like a Basset. For Father Amorth, the devil is not a metaphor but daily practice, office hours being from 9 to 16.30. "I am the only Exorcist, seven days a week, from morning until the afternoon, including Christmas Eve and Easter. I have in 21 years performed more than 70,000 exorcisms. Even when I was younger, I managed an average of fifteen, sixteen exorcisms a day. Now, I have slowed down a little."

The private practice of exorcist looks like a kitchen. It is half tiled, with a sink, a small altar, and in the middle a table on which can be found a plastic cup and a bottle of mineral water (of the San Benedetto brand). On the walls are pictures of St Padre Pio, Pope John Paul II and Amorth’s teacher Don Candido Amantini. There is nothing which can be called uncanny, no smell of sulphur, no incense burners or benches.

Amorth is not a nut-case. In addition to theology, he also has a law degree. His books are translated into 21 languages, including into Japanese. The Father is an authority in the field of Mariology, theology relating to the Mother of God. Amorth in 1990 founded the International Society of Exorcists, "whose honorary president he remains today. "We were," he says, "nine exorcists here in Rome. One is sick, one has been promoted and moved." Within the Vatican walls, a Padre Davide was working, but had to abandon his work. This was on grounds not because there was nothing to do within the Church.

On the contrary: "The devil is acting in Fatima, in Lourdes, everywhere. And he is certainly in the Vatican, the center of Christianity." Father Amorth does not mean that the black danger is the convention of the Jesuits who have been since yesterday, Monday, meeting in Rome to elect their new General, the "Black Pope". No: "In the Vatican, there are satanic cults. They are everywhere. One does not see them. But they are there."

Even Mother Teresa was exorcised.

He recalls the case of Tommaso Stenico, a priest working in the Curia who, was recently prompted by demons, to invite a series of boys onto the premises of the former Holy Inquisition. He became the victim of a "diabolical plan" as the priest said in his defence. Father Amorth said that there was just no perfect protection against Beelzebub and cohorts. Even rosaries are not 100 percent sure. Even Mother Teresa had been exorcised in her final years of life:

"There are saints that are even on their deathbed specifically attacked by demons. During their life they could defend themselves, but at the end of life the devil uses their weakness." That would mean that even he himself, Don Gabriele Amorth, is not immune to the devil? "Of course not. Cardinal Poletti said to me, when he appointed me to the rank of exorcist, that the Madonna had recommended me. The devil has often told me that I am too well protected for him to anything exceptional. Everyday temptations remain."

And the Holy Father ...? "Theoretically, a pope can be possessed. Nevertheless, the Holy Father can rely on a formation of protective angels. Alexander VI himself, who can be viewed as the worst of all popes, surrendered himself to the Virgin Mary, and made most of his mistakes before his appointment. As Pope, he was largely correct. But, in theory, it is possible. If Saints can be possessed, then also the Holy Father can be."

He has been assisting, said Amorth, for the past few years, two demon possessed nuns who dedicated their lives to the conversion of sinners : "God has given them the possession as a sort of atonement." An exorcism does not always mean the possession ends: "But a quasi-liberation is obtained. The suffering diminishes. Again, you can pray, you can go to church, confess, go to Communion in an unremarkable way."

The German Pope is incidentally quite receptive to his profession, says the Exorcist: "As president of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger played a key role in the new catechism. Several times I have spoken with him and he has greatly encouraged me during audiences. Nevertheless, I do not believe that he has ever performed an exorcism, unlike Wojtyla. " At the conclusion of the visit, "Oops! - Et orbi" was tested as to whether he was possessed by any demons or devils. The result was negative. The possession lies clearly below the detection limit.

Viet Catholics continue vigil

to restore Church property

Since 18 December, thousands of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Hanoi have been organizing peaceful demonstrations outside the former apostolic delegate’s office in Hanoi to ask for the return of the building to the archdiocese.

Carnival Clown Mass

Cathcon translation of Jecke Messe - Kardinal segnet Kölschfass

Cardinal blesses Carnival beer barrel carnival in Cologne Cathedral:

Carnival participants in the Cathedral (being greeted here by the Cardinal prior to the Mass)

Cardinal Joachim Meisner invited them to a second Pontifical Mass.

In the first row: the large and the small triumvirate (representatives of the Carnival participants)
Christians are in the opinion of Cardinal good carnival participants, as they have every reason, to be cheerful. He wanted at the next bishops' conference times ask how "Koelle Allaaf" (The Carnival greeting) could be developed liturgically ...(Cathcon comment- so that's how seriously he takes the liturgy) Then there was the blessing of the coins which had been minted for those attending the service, the official scarf, a cap and a Carnival Barrel of Kölsch (the local beer).

Cathcon comment:
First Carnival came into the Church, when of its nature it should be outside. In many places the Carnival representatives are now allowed into the sanctuary, but the Cardinal of Cologne is too clever for that. Rather worryingly the Cologne Carnival season actually opens on 11/11 Armistice Day. Some British soldiers got into enormous trouble when they joined in the Carnival on that day a few years back. The date of the 11 November dates back to the 19th century, but should, of course, be changed.

It all could be worse. The Carnival Cardinal

Coming soon- what happened to Carnival in the Nazi times.

Papal Power


As the Three Kings visit Christ with gold, frankinsense and myrrh, his Vicar gets a present of a solar power plant. The Pope, however, remains infallible whatever the weather.

Cathcon translation of Solarstromanlagefür Papst Benedikt

Solar power plant for Pope Benedict
Photovoltaic modules will be produced in Freiberg

Freiberg / Vatican City. Wonderful order for the Deutsche Solar in Freiberg: A total of 2000 solar modules will be delivered by the subsidiary of SolarWorld to the Vatican.
Reason: The SolarWorld chairman Frank Asbeck gave Pope Benedict XVI at Epiphany a complete solar power plant. The facility should be completed by the summer on the roof of the Paul VI Audience Hall. And once built, the plant will produce up to 315,500 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This will avoid approximately 315 tons of carbon dioxide being produced. CEO Asbeck said on Sunday: "I am proud that the modules for this unique facility will be produced in Freiberg."

The gift had been prepared for months. Already in the summer of 2007, it was known that a plant will be built for the Vatican. Asbeck had made contact with the then governor of Vatican City and made the offer. He convinced them with overall concept of a gift for the Pope. Susanne Herrmann, spokeswoman for the German solar in Freiberg: "A project planner will soon fly to Italy and have the final discussions in the Vatican."

A first link in the Vatican was established between CEO Frank Asbeck and John Paul II, the predecessor of the German Pope. At an audience five years ago, Asbeck presented to the Holy Father, a solar cell from Freiberg with the words: "Father, from sand and sun, we can make electricity." The Pope just responded at the time: "I know that the Lord can do everything." Asbeck "At that time, I saw a wonderful old age in the Pope."

But then neither the present nor the recent donation were made by the CEO completely without ulterior motives: Italy now has a law to promote renewable energy in the energy mix. And what could be a better advertisement than a solar power plant for the Pope himself.
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