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Calendar aims to recruit priests

Twelve Catholic priests have swapped their pulpits for favourite pastimes in a calendar designed to try to recruit young men to the priesthood.

Christians as enemies of the people

Translation from the ever-vigilant – Christen sind Volksfeinde

A film series warns against Christians and missionaries and associates them both with organ trafficking, the mafia and prostitution.

The well-known Turkish nationwide television station 'Show TV' aired on 8th, 15th and 29 November 2007 a new episode of the old series "Kurtlar Vadisi-Pusu" – The Valley of the Wolves.

This was reported on 28 December on its website by the 'The Institute of Islamic Issues' of the German Evangelical Alliance.

The film is about the relationship between the state and four powerful Mafia families, which in the film control the economic life of the country.

The programme also mentions Christian missionary work and closely links it to organ trafficking, mafia and prostitution.

Christians are shown as enemies of the people.

The goal of Christians in the series is to defraud Turks and to weaken the national consciousness in order to divide the country among themselves.

Further it is presumed that Turkish Christians ally themselves with foreign powers and make common cause to betray the Turkish people.

As a result, 29 November, for example, the script literally said:

"Someone must be in a position to halt these people."

He continued: "As we have thrown out crusaders [from Turkey], we will also throw them out. If you have no weapon, I will give you one. "

The 'Institute of Islamic issues' refers to the rules of the state media regulatory authority "RTÜK".

It contains Art. No. 3984 paragraph 4. This seeks to prevent the media from calling for violence, terror and ethnic discrimination.

Likewise, it prohibits the call to hatred against other people, classes, ethnic or religious groups and the incitement to hatred.

In a commentary the 'Institute of Islamic issues' explains that Christian missionary work, according to the Turkish Constitution is not prohibited.

But contemporary Christians in the country are coming under strong pressure, because Christians and Christian missionaries are accused of being the source of social problems.

If the nature of the representation of Christians in the series "Kurtlar Vadisi-Pusu" was judged appropriate by the authorities, some Muslim Turks would be encouraged to take action against Turkish Christians and communities.

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Turkey wants to be a member of the EU.

Heaven in Hawaii

Bishop, vicar general, others learning Latin Mass:

"Bishop Larry Silva and his vicar general Father Marc Alexander are among a handful of Hawaii clergy learning how to celebrate the Tridentine Mass, the Latin-language liturgy that predates the Second Vatican Council.

According to Sacred Hearts Father Christopher Keahi, the primary teacher of the sessions which are sponsored by the diocesan Office of Worship, the first class was Nov. 29 at St. Stephen Diocesan Center.
Father Keahi told the Hawaii Catholic Herald that the bishop would like at least one person on each island to be able to celebrate the older liturgy. The participants each received a training manual and a Latin-English booklet missal, and watched a video presentation.

Pope Benedict XVI relaxed the restrictions on the use of the Tridentine Mass in July. He said that the Mass celebrated according to the 1962 Roman Missal should be made available to groups of the faithful that desire it.

The new Roman Missal, introduced in 1970 and celebrated in the vernacular, remains the ordinary way of Catholic worship.

The Latin Mass is now celebrated once a week at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Honolulu by Marianist Father Francis Nakagawa. It has been celebrated continuously in Hawaii on a limited basis for about 15 years since it was permitted by Bishop Joseph A. Ferrario.

Father Keahi, who was ordained in 1965, said that the Tridentine rite was the first Mass he learned. However, after more than 40 years, he said he needed a little refreshing himself.

He said that his class should be competent in the Latin Mass after a few more months of training."

Who should succeed Cardinal Cormac?

direct democracy at Holy Smoke

"For my first post of 2008, an exercise in direct democracy. Who would you like to see become the next Archbishop of Westminster after Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor retires? I’ve set up an email address, , so that you can tell me in confidence. Your email details will not be passed to anyone, and I won’t reveal who nominated whom. (If you’re really paranoid, set up an anonymous email account.)"

Follow those fireworks

and the real fireworks start 2 minutes 20 into the video of Midnight Mass from Limoges.

Benedictine Christmas 2007

Yes, these are Benedictine sisters. Clearly more worried about themselves than by Christmas.

The Doom, as this group of Sisters is already known by Cathcon.

Ten things that will not happen in 2008


Inter-alia - 2. Gillibrand at Catholic Church Conservation will be photographed giving the sign of peace to assorted stealth-priestesses at the Clown and Beerfest Mass held in Belgium to mark Glockenspiel Week.