Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dancers armed with Knives Mass

Don't believe me! 1 min 50 into the video.

and no baptism is complete without a dance these days.

A Ballet Mass-

They are celebrating 100 years of the Sisters of Charity. At least the Passionist who recently dressed up and sang as Champagne Charlie in London to celebrate 150 years of the Passionists there left it until the social afterwards.

And in the meantime in Rio, the phenomenon of "Priest Superstar" which they think will combat insurgent protestantism- feed it more like.

A scene from the Marian Festival at Paray-le-Monial in August of this year.

And more hyperactive participation.

And this modern dance in Cathedral of Angers, they say this has something to do with the Cross of Christ.

You think you could get away from it all on pilgrimage- but no the Pilgrim Dancers will follow you.

Earlier liturgical dance nightmares given to you by Cathcon.


Anonymous said...

In III the video, it appears the Priest Zeca. Currently, he himself if moved away from the priest functions…

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

And I thought things in LA were bad, it's a good thing I wasn't there...

Miss. Sara Lentz said...

Gadzooks, these videos are horrendous!
Thank God for Cathcon. This website is the best, hands down, on exposing Vatican II Mass destruction. The best in the whole world! What spiritual acts of mercy that you perform when you warn people of the abuses happening.