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Sex allegations- scandal priest now working in Munich

Cathcon translation of
Skandal-Priester jetzt in München tätig

He had homosexual relations with students and organised sex parties for them – but now he is again active in the Catholic clergy. The former deputy head of a seminary was suspended from his office four years ago.

The suspended Deputy Rector of the Diocesan Seminary of St. Pölten in Austria, Wolfgang Rothe, is active again in pastoral care. The chaplain who was dismissed after a sex scandal is responsible for a nursing home in the Parish of St. Michael in Munich-Perlach and celebrates Mass.

Rothe, 2004 was suspended from all his posts in the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Poelten, after a sexual scandal exploded in the seminary in the diocese of the then Bishop Kurt Krenn. Rothe and his boss, according to witnesses, cultivated homosexual relations with students and threw wild sex parties. In addition, on the computers of the seminars thousands of child pornography images were found. The Austrian news magazine Profil was passed photos showing the Deputy Rector, Rothe hugging and giving a French kiss to a seminarist during a Christmas party.

The priest who studied in Bavaria and later was ordained in St. Poelten, has always denied the sex scandals and made appeals against the sanctions. Just this spring, the Vatican confirmed his suspension.

To the question of why the cleric was again allowed to be active pastorally, the Archbishop’s office in Munich gave no answer last week. This staff question needs first to be thoroughly researched, according to the Diocesan spokesman Winfried Röhmel.
This comes just two weeks after the Vatican announced it was to use psychological testing to screen out homosexual candidates for the priesthood. Pope says one thing, but the Dioceses perform the three monkeys trick of seeing no evil, hearing no evil and not admitting to evil.
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