Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If the Cardinal has nothing to say, then I am sorry

Cathcon translation of
Wenn der Kardinal dazu nichts zu sagen hat, dann tut er mir wirklich leid
Recently, the Vaticanist of the Milan daily newspaper 'Il Giornale' responded to the Director of the scandalous Vienna Cathedral Museum. By Andrea Tornielli.

I am sorry, Mr Bernhard Boehler, director of the Diocesan Museum of Vienna, but I cannot agree with you.

On the Weblog of the news agency 'Reuters', I have read that you have made statements which I believe to be absurd:

Those who opposed the exhibition of the work of blasphemy by Alfred Hrdlicka who has changed the Last Supper into a gay orgy, according to your viewpoint, Mr. Director, "fundamentalist Christians".

Those who have been allowed to criticise, according to yourviewpoint are not in a position to assess the message of the artist and his importance.

Rather than apologising, you defend yourself, you attack those who "dared" to criticise an outrageous and hurtful decision and wish to teach us that Hrdlicka was allowed to provoke, and the museum had the right to give him the opportunity to display his works.

I am really stuck for words. I have been called several times a philistine. But in view of your words, I am not unhappy.

I cannot agree to your description of myself as a fundamentalist, just because I highlight a case, which I think is scandalous. If the Cardinal Archbishop nothing to say, then I am really sorry.

From his words, among other things, I understood that dignitary (the Cardinal) had acted under pressure from the polemics and nothing would have been done, if no one had raised problems.

At what point have we arrived in the name of art and freedom of expression?
If a Diocesan museum takes it on itself to exhibit such "works" exhibit, it would be better to close down the whole museum.

You, Doctor Boehler, could certainly always work as a press agent of Hrdlicka, who –given the wind, which is blowing in Austria – is certainly not lacking lucrative contracts from the church.

Editor's note:
The Vienna Cathedral Museum is still exhibiting grossly blasphemous works –such as a picture of a masochistic Christ, whose penis is grasped by his tormentors during the Flagellation - and a Christ without head and naked sexual organs.

Yes yes yes yes
Everything that glitters is not gold
No No No No I
Often appearance is deceiving
Yes yes yes yes
Everything that glitters is not gold
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Often appearance is deceiving

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Long-Skirts said...

"the museum had the right to give him the opportunity to display his works."


Vile, vile,
Down the aisle
Narcissistic freaks they file,

Not the fools
Who feign their gaiety...
But tolerant white sepulchred laity.