Monday, January 21, 2008

Russian Orthodox attack on modernism

Cathcon translation of
Öffnung der Kirche als "gerader Weg in den Untergang"

Opening up of the church as a "direct path to downfall"

Not a strong Islam, but a weak Christianity is to be feared: the Russian Orthodox Bishop Hilarion stated at a worship service of the Ecumenical Council in Vienna.

If "one or the other Christian community" begins to revise the theological or moral teaching of Christianity in order to be "modern" or "politically correct", this was the "direct path towards spiritual demise," said the Russian Orthodox Bishop Hilarion (Alfejew) at the church service of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Austria (ÖRKÖ) marking this year's World Prayer Week for the Unity of Christians, Kathpress reported on Monday. A Christianity that has an "empty core," will not be in a position to resist the challenges of today.

Today many Christians were worried about the rise of Islam in Europe worried and about the increase in the number of Muslims while there is a simultaneous slow decline in the number of Christians, said Bishop Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarchate’s representative to the European Union. Referring to remarks of a Swiss Catholic theologian, he said: "We must not fear a strong Islam, but the weakness of Christianity. We must be afraid that under the influence of liberal ideas that spiritual and moral teaching of the Christian church will be lost".

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