Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alpine Storm following speech about Islam

Cathcon translation of Busek attackiert Kardinal Schönborn - Politik - Österreich /

Busek attacks Cardinal Schönborn Vienna, 17 January 2008

So far, the Catholic Church has not expressed an opinion about the speech of the FPÖ politician Winter. Now the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) Chief Busek attacks Cardinal Schönborn.

The former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and chairman Erhard Busek has heavily criticized the silence of the Catholic Church after the speech of the Graz FPÖ politician, Susanne Winter. She had massively attacked Islam and its founder .

Busek told OE24: "The Church should speak out clearly."

The interview with OE24:

The State Prosecutor is investigating Graz FPÖ politician, Susanne winter:

How do you assess the statements of Dr Winter?

Erhard Busek: I think it is a disaster, to introduce European and global issues within the framework of the election campaign in Graz in this manner. That is the most promitive populism, which does not fit in the framework of democracy.

Where is an outcry from the churches? I expect of the Christian churches a public response: a statement for greater understanding, not only for greater tolerance. Susanne Winter shows that she is incredibly primitive.

Are you satisfied with the initial reaction of the political parties?
No. Of the political parties, I expect more. But I expect a real outcry and criticism from religious communities, of believing people with convictions. This should not be avoided.
Busek in another article said that the Cardinal should "give Winter a spiritual clout around the ears".
A threatening video has being doing the rounds on the internet- Dr Winter, you have made a massive mistake.
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