Friday, December 28, 2007

Highway to Heaven Mass

No kidding-the Mass in Bad Kissingen was actually advertised as this.

As my informant points out, youth have a right to so much better from the Catholic Church.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent this and similar material in the course of the last year. Keep it coming- people need to know what is happening out there.

Urgent message from Singapore!

ease take note that the venue of the scheduled Masses in January 2008 has been changed from St. Joseph's to St. Patrick's School Chapel. Please inform all your friends asap!

In Christ,

German Catholic life after the War

High Mass in Munster.

The altar has long gone- as can be seen by taking the virtual tour.

What a symbol of the post-war age!

Christmas on the streets

after traditional Catholics in Amiens forced out of their chapel before Christmas by the local council.

German Catholic Life

Where have all the altar BOYS gone?

Our altar has sprung a leak
Junior Confraternity of Catholic Kimono Wearers.
Here defying rational explanation
Doing your own thing liturgics
The altar you have to bend down to.
What should we read today then?
Perpetual revolutionaries

All burnt up!

Feast of the Holy Innocents


No more lay preaching in Zurich


liberals start squealing about their loss of responsibilities.

Translation of news report.

Under criticism: Bishop Vitus Huonder.

Zurich. Those with responsibilities within the Catholic Church have criticized the plans of Bishop Vitus Huonder to ban lay theologians from preaching during the Eucharist. "An impoverishment and a burden for priests' was the viewpoint of Deacon Franz Xaver Herger, Director of the Zurich General Vicariate.

Benno Schnüriger, the new president of the Zurich Central Commission, wants the Bishop to think again after he meets him for a discussion in January for thought. According to Herger, most parish administrators are retired priests. They should not have to preach in their old age, he said in the Regional Journal of Swiss Radio DRS. What many also are concerned about: lay theologians would lose an important task.

Christmas 2007


at the Shrine of Christ the Infant King