Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goodnight Canterbury

Anglicans call for new stance on abortion.

Morals cannot be the subject of changing stances. But the Anglicans came into existance in England when people got the idea that they could change stance without cost. Indeed, when it came to the destruction of the abbeys, considerable real financial benefit.

Cologne's Cardinal makes an offer

What's the betting it will be rejected?

See German cardinal seeks OK to build shrine in Turkey in honour of St Paul.

Fr. Franchini out of danger

following knifing in Turkey. Pray for the Christians of Turkey!

Anglicans not content with stealing Rochester Cathedral

and beheading the Bishop, John Fisher, later Saint John Fisher, they now host the Antiques Roadshow in the nave.

One couple even had the church plate valued for sale- looked however post-Reformation.

I tried asking in their bookshop once for a biography of St John Fisher but he has been airbrushed out of the history of the place.

Catholic Protest Against Nazis — Nov. 16, 1938.

So much for the received view of history.

"The hysteria which drives out defenceless Jews and vilifies Catholic prelates is the same which makes our own loud-mouthed defenders of a Soviet brand of "democracy" dangerous to the institutions which Americans love"

Extract of recording and full transcript here.

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The Little Office of the Virgin

Officium Parvum Beate Marie Virginis:

'They all attend Mass every day and say many Paternosters (rosaries) in public, ... and whoever is at all able to read carries with him the Office of Our Lady; and they recite it in church with some companion in a low voice, verse by verse, after the manner of churchmen.'

(Report of the Venetian Ambassador upon visiting England in 1496.)"