Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Latin Mass cannot go on!

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Celebrations of the old Mass stopped

Draconian conditions:

A believer, who takes part in the old Mass, needs a “solid liturgical education "- he also must master Latin.

The Administrator of the Diocese of Savona Noli has prohibited all Latin Masses in the Diocese.

That, he said last Monday in a message published on the diocesan Web site.

The coastal city of Savona is fifty kilometers west of Genoa.

Currently, the Diocese of Savona Noli is orphaned. The former bishop, Msgr. Domenico Calcagno Agno, was promoted in July by Pope Benedict XVI to the Vatican Secretariat of the asset management (APSA) appointed.

Since then, the Diocese has been headed by an administrator, Prelate Andrea Giusto.

On Monday, 26 November, he published a controversial message. It is headlined by "stop the Mass of St. Pius V.".

A day before in the Chapel of St Michael in the town of Celle Ligure-a coastal town eight kilometers away from Savona – the old Mass read, the first under the provisions of the Motu proprio.

It was organised by an association of Genoa. 150 believers attended the church service.

The administrator is obviously uneasy:

"Given the absence of a bishop, and because the conditions for the permission for the Mass celebration according to the Missal of St. Pius not yet sufficiently clarified, I ask the priests of the diocese with certainty, not to give permission to groups, which request a celebration of the Old Mass, and also to ensure that no church in the area of the Diocese organises Masses according to the pre-Conciliar rite. "

The diocesan site also allows comment from the liturgist, the Very Revd. Andrea Grillo. He commented on the conditions for the celebration of the old Mass.

Revd Grillo especially focuses on the need for a "stable group" and the active participation in the rite:

"This means that a solid education and a liturgical knowledge of the Latin language is necessary and that this is Mass is not organized by a large number of invitees, as if it were a drama or a private act. "

The instruction of the Diocesan administrator, published on Monday has the result that the old Mass in Celle Ligure was immediately suspended.

Now, the comments section of the diocesan website was flooded with readers indignant messages.

But it does not distress the Diocesan administrator: "It is normal that opponents speak."

The Diocese Savano draws contrasts Revd Giusto prelate further:

"The Latin Mass, as it was celebrated in Celle, divides instead of uniting."

One family gathered together does not eat at two different tables.

The administrator also claimed that the conditions of the Motu Proprio were not met in Celle:

"I heard about the Mass through a flyer on the street " - Revd Giusto.

But the organizers of the Mass concede nothing:

"If the Diocese does not reconsider, we will appeal to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei"

Head of Traditionalist Order


At the General Audience of 03.10.2007

Sociologist called Marx, new Archbishop of Munich

Translation of a German press report. But nothing to get concerned about! He is in fact a cigar toting conservative.

Reinhard Marx, Bishop of Trier is known as a theological conservative but one who is open to the people. The 54 year old ecclesiastic has the best prospects of succeeding Cardinal Wetter as Archbishop of Munich. Limburg also gets a new bishop.

For months in Bavaria and in Rome, possible successors to the Munich-Cardinal Friedrich Wetter (79) have spun around on the carousel.

Now it is rumoured in church circles that the Bishop of Trier, Reinhard Marx will move to the top of the largest Bavarian diocese. An official confirmation has not been forthcoming but the appointment seems likely soon. The ascent of the 54 year old Westfalian (known for his ‘baroque’ form- Cathcon note- pun on his size and beliefs.) has been rapid: Pope John Paul II appointed in 1996 the former professor of Christian social sciences to the Paderborn Bishopric and in 2001 to be the diocesan bishop in Trier, the oldest Episcopal seat in Germany. In Munich, Marx will not only chair the Freising Bishops' Conference (Cathcon: of the Bavarian Bishops), but also has prospects of being the successor to Cardinal Karl Lehmann at the head of the German Bishops' Conference. Before the Lehmann era, the Cologne and Munich archbishops alternated in this role. Furthermore, a Cardinal’s hat is only a matter of time. The affable churchman is quick-witted, discussion friendly and has no fears about the media. He has overseen administrative matters and pastoral care in the Diocese of Trier, while there was a divisive structural reform being implemented, and has on occasion rubbed people up the wrong way. At the same time, he sees himself as a "Merrymaker in the Faith", seeking "the witness of a happy and contented priest".

Marx likes a strong cigar and sip a good wine. Marx has long acted as a social expert in the German Bishops' Conference. Many anecdotes are associated with his surname. In the GDR era, he says, "the border guards were surprised by the “Christian Democrat Marx." When the professor, following the collapse of communism, held seminars in East Germany on Catholic social doctrine, he could not resist pointed remark:

"For 40 years have you been waiting for Marx. Well, he came and is a Catholic priest." According to media reports, the only remaining favorite in the Cardinal Wetter-succession stakes is not a nostalgic for redistribution of the "Heart of Jesus Marxist" type. His ideas about the reform of the welfare state in the direction of greater self-responsibility and subsidiarity are more neo-social and conform with the key messages of the new CSU-Basic Programme. His criticism of "inflated manager salaries" has been shared by the former Bavarian Minister-President Edmund Stoiber. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether and how Marx will continue the traditionally close relationship between the Catholic Church and CSU-lead state government. Theologically, ecclesiastically, and especially liturgically Marx thinks as a conservative. "We cannot depend on opinion polls to decide on what we believe," he says. And: "He who marries the spirit of the age, is tomorrow a widower (CS Lewis original Cathcon note)" When the Saarbrück priest and theology professor, Gotthold Hasenhüttl invited evangelical Christians to communion at one of the fringe events of the First Ecumenical Church Day in 2003 in Berlin (although this was forbidden), Marx was forced to intervene. As the responsible local bishop, he suspended Hasenhüttl from his offices. The professor had too demonstratively violated the good order of the church. Limburg also gets a new chief shepherd. Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst is to be the successor of Bishop Kamphaus.

Champagne or Orange Juice. Bishop Marx with Cardinal Lehmann