Friday, November 23, 2007

Indicted Mesa priest starts new ministry

The strange world of Lifeteen just got stranger.

Clearly never was a believer in the Real Presence.

Funny old world

as my ecclesiastical dreams become reality so do
my political nightmares.

Alien image of Christ and Black Box Tabernacle


together with the guitar solo by a trendy priest which can be inserted at one or more places during in the Mass. Does the priest not realise that the Mass is not about him, but about He who he represents, and the children's spirituality should not depend on his singing ability.

Always new items on eBay

The Conversion of Russia to Christianity


A reading from the Primary Chronicle regarding the conversion of Vladimir and his people.

The Baptism of Vladimir I

Next Sunday, the Pope will be using


The mitre of Blessed Pope Pius IX. Not the Triple Tiara but about as near as you can get to it, as Pope Pius proclaimed Papal infallability in 1870.