Wednesday, October 17, 2007

“The use of the Latin language is to be preserved”

article in California Catholic Daily

The Oct. 13 Riverside Press Enterprise reported that Fr. Steve Porter of St. Catherine of Siena church in Rialto (San Bernardino diocese) seems willing to offer the Mass on a regular basis. On Sept. 14 – the date the motu proprio went into effect -- Porter offered a Tridentine Latin Mass at his parish, attended by 100 people. After the Mass, Porter received e-mails asking that he say the Mass more often. He is consulting with St. Catherine’s liturgy committee about the possibility of celebrating the Mass on major feast days, beginning with All Saints, Nov. 1.

Graceless and unfaithful

closing of churches

Unless you are a Diocesan bureaucrat, when it becomes a Journey in Faith and Grace.

"As much as the diocese wants to spin the process into something positive, calling it the Journey in Faith and Grace, it’s nothing short of a disaster to the people who have been baptized, received first communion and confirmation, were married, had their children baptized and said their final good-byes to their loved ones all in the same church. For many of them, closing it will be as if part of their spiritual lives has been ripped from their souls, never to be replaced. "

Archbishop Tells Catholic Church to Remove Thank-you from Transvestite 'Sister'

from Online Version of Bulletin

The Archbishop on the Damascus Road.

Now he sees things as they realy are, without the need of spectacles.

Once Catholic| Austria

holds first divorce fair

The Right Rev Augustine Harris RIP


the man who gave the world Paddy's Wigwam as Liverpool Cathedral is known has died.

In an interview some years later, he spoke about how the Vatican II challenged his understanding of the Church. “Although I resented many of the changes, I implemented them out of loyalty and obedience, but when I uncovered the reason for the change, then I accepted it — then it was in my soul and my being.”

He began to see the reforms, especially in liturgy, as an attempt to return to the spirit and practice of the Early Church. “It was a clearance sale if you like. A lot of dead wood was gotten rid of.”


Looking at why many young Catholics had abandoned the Church since the Second Vatican Council, he concluded that official statements and theological formulae would not win them back. Instead, they wanted to hear priests and bishops talk about what their own faith meant.

At the same time, he remained convinced of the necessity of the council's reforms. “If I were asked to recommend something for the Church today, I would say, go back to the doctrine of Vatican II, examine the history behind it, the reasons for the formulae that came from the council, and then your mind will be at rest. We have to go forward with the Church.”

Meet Father Richard Ho Lung

who has rendered Cathcon speechless.

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