Friday, October 12, 2007

More DIBW norms

in an American diocese

In 1958, Fr Georges Pire


won the Nobel Prize for Peace for a life lived without reference to Our Lord, even before the Second Vatican Council.

He founded a University of Peace, just ready for the swinging sixties. St Dominic would not have recognised his spiritual child.

Not too surprising then that Yassir Arafat, Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter and Al Gore should have got the same gong. The first three worship(ed) God in some form, Al Gore if he worships anything, worships Gaia. Was his mother always angry with him, one wonders.

The blog of a modern French priest

who thinks its a miraclethat France wins. At football, that is. I suppose that when it took St Joan of Arc to defeat the English, you get to thinking like this.

Even in Catholic Italy


the Church can be insulted in advertising.

Orthodox delegates walk out of talks

with Vatican over dispute with another Orthodox church

Estonians just don't want to get this close to Russia.

The Patriarch of Moscow and a well-known Russian politician.

See The Third Rome on the claims of the Moscow Patriarchate.

And the World

My other blog is normally very sleepy. But not today! See video of a young maoist José Barroso proclaiming the revolution in Portugese universities. He is now President of the European Commission.

Vatican considers appeal

to keep East Side church open

"The closing of St. Adalbert Catholic Church is on hold as the Vatican considers an appeal from parishioners to keep open the basilica-style church on the East Side. But if the Vatican’s Congregation of the Clergy moves quickly on the matter, the planned closure will proceed as scheduled, according to officials with the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. A closing Mass is scheduled for Nov. 25; two weeks later, the parish is scheduled to merge with St. John Kanty. "

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