Wednesday, October 10, 2007


make demands

After Pope Benedict XVI brought attention to the discontinued tradition of Latin Masses in early July, students began asking Campus Ministry to bring back the "Tridentine Mass" to Notre Dame. Starting Sunday, they will get their wish.

The students' demand and Benedict XVI's papal rescript - which states the Tridentine Mass is optional for Catholics - led Campus Ministry to decide to schedule the Latin Mass this year. The first of these Masses will be celebrated at 8 a.m. Sunday at the St. Charles Borromeo Chapel in Alumni Hall

The strange death of Catholic Germany

Star trek prop altar
Strange light from tabernacle
Strange light from Church
Perfectly good, former parish church
White out
Alien presence in the roof

In the new Church of St Francis, Burgweinting. St Francis would not be seen dead here.

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Before interculturation


Made it a matter of them and us. Latin Masses in Uganda

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Churches to Mosques

24500 Catholic Churches in Germany, of which 700 will next year no longer be used for Mass or their last "hope" Communion from the Tabernacle presided over by an extraordinary minister.

That gives the Church in Germany, 35 years but at some point it will drop below critical Mass, no longer patronised by the intellectual and economic elites.

Latin Mass’ popularity growing

in Providence, no less

The Rev. Alfred P. Almonte hadn’t celebrated the Mass in Latin in about four decades, so when one of his parishioners at St. Bartholomew parish in Silver Lake suggested that he bring back the Latin Mass as part of the church’s 100-year jubilee, he knew that he would have some brushing up to do.

But the priest, who said Mass in Latin for the first four or five years after his ordination, in 1961, saw it as an opportunity to connect St. Bart’s parishioners to their past.

San Francisco Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer Gives Communion

to Blasphemous ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’

Unfit for Mission

Ten RC Churches Face Closure :

"Ten Roman Catholic churches in Preston look set to be sold off over the next decade due to falling attendance numbers and increasing maintenance costs. The churches, many of them historic listed buildings, could become worshipping grounds for other religions, according to the head of the diocese. It comes after the Diocese of Lancaster revealed that it was close to bankruptcy. The closures are part of its Fit For Mission review."

Power crazy


Poster of the Austrian Catholic Women's Movement. The power is female. No reference to God here but only themselves. Or perhaps they do think that Almighty God is female.
And they celebrate life in liturgy.

The four ends of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are adoration (worship of Almighty God), thanksgiving, reparation for the sins of the world, and petition for all the needs of the world. This will, I think, be lost on them.

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Speculation mounts about the new nomination to the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising

Will it be Archbishop Ludwig Schick, seen here at an ecumenical street party or ........

Msgr Georg Ganswein, the Pope's private secretary.
The future of the Diocese will be a good indicator of the Pope's vision for the Church.
He was Archbishop there himself
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The 60s never ended for one Salesian


Seen here with a puppet of the founder of his order

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One of these is a priest! Which one?


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Naked Christ on Cross

put up in Innsbruck - just to show how little influence Catholicism has on Austrian culture.