Saturday, September 01, 2007

Latin Mass Society not compromised. Perish the thought!


A letter in the ever excellent Remnant Newspaper, March 2005.

Unfortunate that Mr Chadwick misunderstood the reason for the resignation of Michael Davies. The latter told me directly in his unmistakeable manner that it was on principal.

However, I am sure that Mr Chadwick would wish me to dispel any rumour that he attends the ordinary form of the Mass in Latin, rather than the extraordinary form each Sunday morning. This would give people the idea that he was not fully committed to the traditional cause.

Long goodbye but must be leaving now

as Italian Protestants, say "a spirit of Counter-Reformation" has returned....

"'-We thank God for having liberated us, for eight centuries as Valdensians and for five centuries as Protestants, from submission to the Roman Pontiff, whom we recognize as a brother in Christ, but not as a teacher of the faith, realizing additionally, once again, that the Papacy and the Roman Curia are today, as in the 16th century, an obstacle to Christian unit;'..."