Thursday, August 30, 2007

Firemans' Mass in Tirol

Playing at being firemen, while the Catholic Faith burns out.

Feast of St Rose of Lima

Of your charity, pray for my wife, whose name day it is.

The Reredos is not what is was.

The New
The Old

Priest clowns around instead of preaching the Gospel


Associated, I think with the Kolping movement. Birettas are appropriate for priests, but only if they remember their dignity within the priesthood, which they share with the Pope.

Many wonderful pictures here.

A warm thankyou

To all those who have made this a record breaking month at Cathcon!

To the visitors! (a record)

To the page viewers (also a record!)

To all those who have been kind enough to buy books and donate that Cathcon's work can continue.

To all those who have visited today, also a record breaking day.

To all those that link to Cathcon.

In the end that we may all chant, the chant of victory!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us; but to Thy name give glory.
Non nobis Domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

And I have a small request, do not forget to pray for those that would close Churches and supress the Latin Mass, and for those members of the Catholic Church who have forgotten their supreme mission.

To preach Christ and Him Crucified.

St Thomas Aquinas, of the Order of Preachers, has a vision of Our Lord on the Cross.

Goodnight, Canterbury

Lesbian could head Anglican Diocese

Latin Mass Society sells out!


Mass in the ordinary form celebrated by Archbishop Nichols. Some of the priests concelebrating in this picture are priests who are interested in saying 1962 Latin Mass, some however are priests with a longer track record of being associated with tradition.

Fuller report here. It all, of course, depends on which direction priests are headed.

Klagenfurt Prison Chapel in Austria


now, joint-use with Muslims. Muslim prayers directly in front of the tabernacle.

Lets celebrate!


125 years of the railway track through the Gotthard Tunnel and dress a church in the red the colour of Swiss Railways.