Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catholic Faith all at sea in a circus tent.

(while we are on the subject of ecclesiastical voyages) during Mass, at a Catholic youth event organised by Monastery of Kamp (that's its real name. In fact, an old foundation).
Warm up act!
Save me, I am trapped on a modernist canoe. The paddles are stuck!What is the Cross trying to prove!?Bidding prayers

Again, what is this (I cannot call it a Cross) trying to prove.

Nice work if you can get it


and you can get it if you are a liberal Catholic.

Parish Priest of St Konrad's Church in Linz actually boasts about being the chaplain on a 5 star plus luxury cruise ship, Europa MS. All the services with ecumenical and he gave a few talks for his bed and board, including one on the relationship between Islam and Christianity, far from the run-down estates where tensions are rising daily across Europe.

We have all heard of champagne socialism- now it is champagne catholicsm.

At the end of the film, Modesty Blaise, the villain played by Dirk Bogarde is pegged out in the desert. “Champagne! Champagne!”. Looks as if it will be the last call of the modernists.

Music for modern Austrian weddings

offered by Your Music.

One of their singers provides the following selection of jolly ditties.

When you say nothing at all
One moment in time
Youe´ve got a friend
I say a little prayer
Amazing grace
Can´t help falling in love
Da war einst ein Traum
Someone like you
Gold von den Sternen
The Rose
More than words
Could we start again please
There can be miracles
Märchen schrieb die Zeit
I will always love you
Good morning starshine
Tears in Heaven
What i did for love
Killing me softly
My heart will go on
Saving all my love
Ain´t no sunshine
I don´t know how to love him
Come, now it´s the time
You light up my life
Only you
Can you fell the love tonight
You are the sunshine of my life
From a distance

Rhytmische Kirchenlieder:

Nimm o Herr die Gaben
Herr erbarme dich
Meine engen Grenzen
Heilig, Heilig Herr
In deinem Namen wollen wir
Vater unser

Ave Maria Bach/ Gounod
Ave Maria Schubert

Failing this singer, there is always Evita goes wedding. Help. I am a Catholic. Get me out of here.

How about Lord have mercy on anyone who has to attend such a wedding.

Gun toting nun

The nuns in the congregation, last picture. Well spotted Mr Steed, perhaps one of them is the lethal Mother Superior that tried to do for you in Dead on Course. In the wacky world of Burgenland Catholic Youth, anything is possible!

League of Warm and Fuzzy Traditionalists

Join Here! and don't miss The Crescat

Night of the Living Dead

as Catholic youth of Burgenland (Austria) gather for a "Spiritual Chill Out". There is a low murmered chant of "Please release me from the "spirit" of Vatican II".

In another part of Burgenland, which is the border region to Hungary,
they are introducing the young to the veneration of the hand "god".

The hand god has to be constantly appeased
The Mass ends with a magnificent procession of a balloon.

As an alternative to travelling to far-away Australia for World Youth Day,these young people will probably be crossing Hungary to pay a visit to some friends in Transylvania.