Thursday, August 02, 2007

Liturgy without qualities

in Germany - St Michael's Church, Amberg. The first picture is of a fish trying to make a rush for the sanctuary.
Time has run out for modern liturgy
Children taught to do their own thing, even in the sanctuary.
Twenty years on the children as grown ups will still think they can do their own thing!
Caught in a modernist net, even in a Catholic Church.
Balloon rising, Catholicism falling.

Stealth priestesses among the Greek Catholics of Poland


Would I think confirm the worst suspicions of the Orthodox. Source

Once we were known for the splendor of our Masses offered to the honor and glory of God.


Thank you for your beautiful post on St. Alphonsus. As one of his sons it fills me with joy to see him so well known and loved.

I must say, however, that it is so sad to see the video of the end of Mass in one of our churches. Once we were known for the splendor of our Masses offered to the honor and glory of God. We were known as tireless preachers of the Gospel and the truths of Holy Faith. We were known as holy men of God devoted to the most Blessed Virigin Mary whose name was never far from our hearts or lips. We have fallen so far. Satan must be quite pleased.

St. Alphonsus forsaw that the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer would endure until the end of time. Pray that we are reformed and return to what he founded.

May our Mother of Perpetual Help hold you in her care.

A Redemptorist priest who asks to remain anonymous.

Please pray for this worthy son of St Alphonsus, like this blog under the protection of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer, C.SS.R., Priest
"Zealous Propagator of the Congregation"
Vicar General of the Transalpine Redemptorists
Patron of the City of Vienna
Saint Gerard Maria Majella, C.SS.R., Laybrother
"Wonderworker of the Eighteenth Century"
"Protector of Mothers and Expectant Mothers"
Patron Saint of Redemptorist laybrothers

St Godelieve, Heule, Belgium

No longer need the pulpit, use it for an altar. No longer need a sanctuary, nor want to face East, turn the Church through 90 degrees. A Church no longer open to God but turned in on itself. The wood of the Cross has disappeared. The Crucifixion no longer a historical reality in history. Christ represents humanity rather than being the Second Person of the Divine Trinity.

Oh for the liturgical life (Not!)


of a Jesuit Father in Slovakia

American priest takes to the street.

Bible Drama Mass

brought to you by the Pallotine Fathers of Bamburg

The spiritual inheritance of Cardinal König is present and living

Reactions "Das geistige Erbe von Kardinal König ist aktuell und lebendig"

A memorial is to be erected in the Pilgrimage Church of Mariazell. Met him once - a charming man - but wrong, as wrong could be.

This is his inheritance- the Archdiocese of Vienna promoting an event called "I God" (Ipod being a modern means of music listening- this is a modern means of listening to God!!!!)

This veneration of the IGod is nothing if not ecumenical, as the good Cardinal would have wished. But Catholics worship the One True God not the IGod.

The Way of the Cross


by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Today is the Feast of St Alphonsus and the image of Christ was painted by him.

From a Brief Life
Rest assured that the Congregation (of the Most Holy Redeemer)
will stand until the end of time, for it
is not my work but God's. During my
lifetime it will be hidden in humiliation
and obscurity but after my
death it will spread its wings and

From the Glory of Mary by St Alphonsus

The Necessity of Prayer

On Heaven, A Sermon by St Alphonsus

This is what a Church of his order has fallen to in modern times.

Saving St. Adalbert's

"Parishioners at a Buffalo church are challenging the diocese plan's to close their beloved house of worship.

Wednesday morning, church leaders announced parishioners have voted to reject the plan to close St. Adalbert's and merge it with nearby St. John Kanty.
Some say it should have basilica status and stay open.
The merger is part of the diocesan Journey in Faith and Grace plan that's helping the church deal with a decline in priests and dwindling parish support."