Saturday, July 28, 2007

Traditional Catholic UK

Just the top!

There is hope!


An accidental visit to the Jesuits of Brussels

Warming up the crowd. Guitar player to the right, playing an indescribably bad ditty.
I said crowd. Warming up a vacancy.
Looking forward to the altar
Procession of priests
I said altar, that should be two altars and one stealth priestess.
Extraordinary Minister in a Church full of Jesuits.

The last remaining statue from the once beautiful reredos, now affixed to a side-wall

Their house chapel.

Jesuit spirituality represented by this crucifix.

Never have I found an ecclesiastical community bound into a state of living death.

Dutch speaking Catholic bureaucrats


Get their offices expensively renewed in the centre of Brussels.

Way of the Cross


Father General of Jesuits


blessed by Elder Sam Osawamick during a naming ceremony in 1993.

In contrast, the Glory of St Ignatius

Simon-Peter Says

produces an amazing set of Catholic statistics of decline.

Why did it take the election of a new Pope for this crisis to be recognised? I used to think, in my mispent Anglican youth, that the Council was necessary to prevent a disastrous decline in the Catholic Church. If it wasn't the cause of this decline, it certainly was the occasion. Radicals were just waiting for the firing gun.

Blessed Idelfonso Cardinal Schuster


Great liturgist! and as far as I am aware untroubled by any thoughts of liturgical reform.

Aliens have landed in Gallspach, Diocese of Linz


and built themselves a new headquarters.

May give rise to more spluttering incredulity from the Lair of the Catholic Cavemen.

No-one goes to Church during the week now- as they can be seen by passers-by.

Once they get away with erecting a modernist temple in Fatima, they can get away with it anywhere.

Catholics fiercest anti-nazis in pre-war Germany

As shown by the election figures for 1932.

First the percentage of Catholics.

And then the Nazi vote.

So much for the modern myth. Click on the pictures to show the detail.

Source: Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn ""Liberty or Equality".