Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Traditional Latin Mass

great new blog!:

"This blog was created in order to promote the Traditional Latin Mass and to counter the various misconceptions and errors among many Catholics and non-Catholics who need to be thoroughly and properly educated in respect to the Traditional Latin Mass which was officially entitled by Pope St. Pius V as an 'immemorial rite'."

Vatican City State

Webcam of St Peter's Square.

Church's assertive shift toward tradition

Pope Benedict XVI consolidates sweeping changes, reasserting the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican.

Analysis on the Kingship of Christ is not quite on the ball. It is just a bit difficult to assert the Reign of Christ the King when modernism has emptied the Churches.

Serial murder of Preston Churches

In Lancashire, once the most Catholic part of England. No apologies for the strong language. Jesuit Gillibrands did not live in fear of their lives and on the run for these guys to close the fruits of their fidelity.

If the Bishop had been rather more concerned with the salvation of souls, rather than refugee rights or inter-religious dialogue, they would not be in this mess today.

Whatever one's position on refugee rights, other people can take them up. It does not require a bishop.

The list of the Churches to close. How can they close any Church, but how can you even think of closing one under the patronage of the English Martyrs.

I am told that this is the result of lay management of the Diocese. The Bishop himself makes policy in the air rather than reality. I heard him once being asked what Muhammedism contributes to human culture. Despite being an expert in inter-religious dialogue, he did not know the answer and seemed to think that Sufism was mainstream Muhammedism. Incredible to say, he was once in charge of Allen Hall, the Diocese of London seminary.

The Tablet

A paper produced by the Catholic bishops whose target audience can only be Anglicans and their bishops at that, makes an incredible claim.

The Church suffered for over a thousand years from "anaemic pneumatology"

If you want to find "anaemic pneumatology", I suggest they pick on the Anglican church but stay away from the Catholic Church.


"foundational insights of the Second Vatican Counci" and there was me thinking the Church was founded almost 2000 years ago. Perhaps he wants a Mass with an epiklesis for the "Spirit of Vatican II:

Bishop of Burlington

lead the way for others to follow.

"Desirous of fulfilling the pastoral needs of those who seek the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy according to the rite of the 1962 Roman Missal, I will celebrate Holy Mass in this extraordinary form on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15, 2007, at Saint Joseph’s Co-Cathedral at 7:00pm. This celebration will invoke our Mother Mary’s intercession, asking that all we do to celebrate Her Son’s presence among us will bring glory to His name and harmony and peace among His people."

Neo-Catechumenal Way

Lacks their own identity!

A Neo-Catechumenal Way Easter Vigil. At right angles to Catholic reality, like their religion.

Shema Israel.

Feast of St Camille de Lellis


Also showing the Red Cross blessed in his honour to be worn by the sick seeking benefits corporal and spiritual.

In front of Christ in the Tabernacle from whom all his charity flowed.

Flower Power


Ecumenical Church Tent at the German Garden Festival. All very 1960s. Not at all very Catholic.

The same tent for services, worship sessions, Masses, dances, conferences and "teaching".

And don't worry. This is not a real Bishop, only an actor dressed up as St Benno. Surely a real Bishop would be more aware of his dignity. But thinking about the Bishop of Wuerzberg and Cardinal Lehmann, perhaps not.

Vatican spokesman

Pope concelebrates daily Mass using current missal

But what will he be doing after September 14?

Duncan G. Stroik Architect

For anyone to consider if you are thinking of building a Church.