Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Mystical Encounter


In the forty years after the Council, the closest any Belgian gets to such an encounter is in the advertising for beer. There were some nuns here in 1970 but I think they have gone.

The Cross stands while the world is turning

Good Friday prior to the reforms.

Feast of St. Henry II the Pius, Emperor


Patron of Benedictine Oblates.

Pope St Gregory the Great, under whose patronage and with whose name, I became a Benedictine Oblate

1953 World Federation of the Marian Congregations

(although the lay Marian Congregations themselves were founded early on by the Jesuits) but by 1967, a new name and a new beginning: Christian Life Communities

Where it all went wrong in slow motion. Self-obsessed - no or little reference, to God, Mary, the Saints.

As the Jesuits declined, so did this group.

One of the great fruits of the Marian Congregations, devotion to Our Lady, Thrice Admirable

Archbishop of Louisville

talks about the Latin Mass in positive terms.

Archbishop Bugnini's pact with the devil

has hit difficult times. Bugnini had told the devil that Latin was dead and buried. Not the only untruth that guy told.

And well worth a read, if you want to know which clerics share in his guilt, the almost 1000 pages of self-justification The Reform of the Liturgy, 1948-1975.

Other great material on this blog, well worth a look.

Fraternity of St Peter in Augsburg


More great pictures-click on Feste

Excuses, excuses!


Return of Latin Masses faces obstacles in Cleveland diocese

"Despite Pope Benedict XVI's recent removal of restrictions on practicing the Latin Mass, a widespread adoption of the traditional rite faces numerous obstacles such as limited demand and a lack of trained clergy, church observers said."

Scenes from Cleveland's liturgical life.

A festival of inclusiveness at the Cathedral

Liturgical dancers dress an altar.

Stealth priestesses sign up for the Crusades.