Friday, July 13, 2007

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RORATE CÆLI: How is your Bishop reacting to Summorum? [and all other Bishops]

So Many Liturgical Commissions!

but terrible liturgy everywhere. Makes you think, we would be better off without them.

Stealth priestesses on pilgrimage


to the relics of St Kilian in Würzburg Cathedral, among them mini-stealth priestesses.
Bishop encourages youth of the Diocese to surrender to the modern world.
Orange, that well known liturgical colour.
The procession of the relics through the town
Exposition of the "holy"hands!
Boat ready to send the Faith down the river.

View from my front room tonight!


To Bishop Trautman and his kind

Don't mess with traditionalists - you will be on the loosing side.

Vatican announces plans

to become first "carbon neutral state" in the world

"However, not everyone is satisfied with the Vatican’s plans to become “more green.” Mr. Iain Murray, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Cybercast News Service he doubted the new program would go far enough to satisfy what he called 'the environmental ultras,' who had recently decided 'that trees don't cut it when you're offsetting.'

'To the Church of Green, the Vatican will remain heretical,' Murray added."

Was about to send this story to my old friend, Iain Murray and then I realised he knew all about it, as he was quoted!

Across Europe in politics, the Greens are always the first to oppose churches being used for the Latin Mass. Liberals are the second worst enemies, followed by the Christian Democrats and finally, I suspect to the surprise of all, including themselves, the socialists have been known on occasion to be quite supportive. The left-wing council in Rome itself saved the interior of many of the Churches from the ravages of the post-conciliar times.

Suppose this could have been a story on my other blog, see link below right, And the World. Hopefully, the Vatican moves quickly back to saving souls rather than a guesture, useless given the Chinese attitude, towards saving the planet.

Would you pay 58 euro for this "Virgin and Child"?

The Flemish Catholic bookshop in Brussels thinks so.

Bishop Trautman to Liturgists:

"Keep up your courage"

Doctrine Committee chairman urges liturgists to resist "pullbacks", "reform of the reform".

The good Bishop is making any priest in his Diocese who wants to say the Latin Mass take a Latin test. This is not about standards, it is about control.

Does the Catholic Church need the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC)and does the Bishop need an award from them?

First the Mass

then a litre of beer.

Auxilliary Bishop of Würzburg plays with words during a pilgrimage. It doesn't work in English! Hardly profound!

The cry should go up in Europe

more babies, please!

Excellent article!

Runaway Jesuit

More news here.

Original story: Life is full of decisions

I was going to say that he had joined a menage a trois but apparently he has found another woman of his own or maybe he is into zen mistress swapping. He is however staying in the "spiritual centre" that the cooing pair operate.

One word sums up everything. Infidelity. Unfaithful to the Church's teaching, unfaithful to vows. And in the meantime, the people perish.

Father William Gillibrand SJ is recorded in the Jesuit chronicle as having suffered a terrific struggle between nature and grace, but in the end grace came through triumphant. These guys didn't even struggle. Members of the once great Jesuit army put their hands in the air straight away without a shot being fired.

Hans Urs von Balthasar SJ and Karl Rahner SJ both led the way by having girlfriends, albeit (almost certainly in Balthasar's case) of a platonic nature. Ultimately, it is probably down to a lack of choir obligation for Jesuits.

What are the Jesuits up to in Berne?


With this Memorial Feast, not of saints, by with anatomy in a hospital chapel in Berne. It was ecumenical!