Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inside the Vatican

on the Pope and the Mass,

"So it is a very important matter. But what is the problem? It seems that Benedict, like many thoughtful believers, is concerned about the fact that the conciliar reform of the liturgy in the 1960s has in some way apparently failed to achieve its chief goal, which was to bring about an even greater reverence for the Eucharist, an even greater participation by the faithful in the mystery of Christ, an even deeper sacramental life within the Church. (That is what the conciliar fathers hoped to accomplish by approving a liturgical reform.)

And if there are in the "old Mass," as many argue, qualities too hastily discarded in the 1960s -- a sense of tradition which made it a bit easier for some to turn their minds toward the eternal, a sense of solemnity which helped some to turn their hearts toward God -- and if that loss can, even if only in part, be made good, if it can be remedied, by a motu proprio allowing the "old Mass" to be celebrated more widely, then it is a work of great import for the Pope to carry out.

If the "old Mass" is merely a "cultural" matter, the fad of a small elite, it will not flourish in any case, and the motu proprio will be a dead letter. But if it is a matter of renewing the Church, and if the dignity and holiness of the old rite strikes the faithful in such a way as to re-kindle in them a sense of that devotion which prepares them to encounter Christ, then allowing the old Mass to be celebrated more widely will be an act worth preparing for with much toil and care."

No liturgy is safe

Discussion of the Revised Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Catholics.

Full horror of the Church of the Holy Face


Cardinal preaching
Church or ventilation for office blocks

Soulless baptistery

The Church that must be destroyed.

Meet Cardinal Poletto

Behind him is a "Church". Cathcon is in business to save Churches. This one should be destroyed with all possible haste.

A Motu Proprio

is published dealing with the election of the Roman Pontiff. L

Now, let us see THE Motu Proprio!

Belly dancing Catholic youth

Encouraging the young to behave like this is not producing Catholics.

In the Youth Church in Vienna

a "whole range of things are on offer". Including Catholicism?

Sankt Peter in flames

Church burns in Germany- and immediately they ask who will pay.

Motu Proprio

moving from translators to printers

And seems it will be a case of where 30 or more are gathered together and the priest is willing.

The Monastery of St. Francis

where once was the Mass, now there are banquets.

Intinterior view

A fine work by Pugin Junior, son of the more famous A W Pugin

Getting Christology wrong?

"There is nothing special here. You have seen and heard this all before.

What am I referring to? Preaching that obscures the person of Christ by focusing exclusively on what theologians call a low-Christology; liturgical words that have no basis in the missal and certainly no basis in tradition.

Nothing special here.

Except for the fact this preaching is broadcast on national television. I'm referring to an incident from the 'Daily Mass' televised at St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto. As many will know the Mass is broadcast about five times a day on Vision TV and Salt & Light.

The date is June 2, 2007. The celebrant is Fr. Pat Fitzpatrick, a member of the Spiritan order. The reading is from Mk. 11:27-33."

Full text and videos here

Not even a Basilica is safe

from closure.

The first Basilica to close I think anywhere.