Sunday, May 27, 2007

United Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Stained glass in a pilgrimage chapel near Liege

dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows,
made more dramatic by the sun.

Chapel of St Evermarus
seen earlier in the day.

My house shall be called a house of prayer


but you have turned it into an exhibition hall.

Church of St Anthony in Liege, closed 1977.

I rather prefer what happens at the Chapel of St Augustine in Liege, which is cared for by the Fraternity of St Peter.

No oversized plugs on display here.

Forty years on

One can get a sense of the impact that Catholic catechism over the last forty years has had on the religious sense of the Belgium people from two pieces of advertising I found recently.

Congratulate me on my communion - (by buying flowers - flower shop advertising)

And beer advertising parodying the Sacred Heart with an apple.


or as they used to be known the Ladies of Christian Instruction. Comments on this futile piece of trendiness as the process of secularisation of Christian schools continues apace are unneessary.

A "work of art" showing how much they have not benefited from their Christian origins can be seen on the outside wall of the school.

The first photo illustrating their Christian identity has a Minorah and a sack of coffee from Brazil.

The same school celebrating Easter in the nearby Church of St Christopher

Become alien in your faith


Catechism class advertising in Belgium. For alien read adult.

Aliens landed in Muskegon, Michigan in 1964

How do we know? They left behind the Church of St. Francis de Sales. To this day, the locals think that this is an image of Our Lady.

Feast of Pentecost


The Upper Room, not as grand as the picture above!

Whose return to the Catholic Church is still under negotiation.