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Fraction in the New Rite


To handle the Host was the priviledge of the ordained, as it says.

Dietrich von Hildebrand had noticed the direction the innovations were taking as early as 1966. Writing in the October issue of Triumph in that year, he noted:

"The basic error of most of the innovations is to imagine that the new liturgy brings the holy sacrifice of the Mass nearer to the faithful, that shorn of its rituals the Mass now enters the substance of our lives. For the question is whether we better meet Christ in the Mass by soaring up to Him, or by dragging Him down into our workaday world. The innovators would replace holy intimacy with Christ by an unbecoming familiarity. The new liturgy actually threatens to frustrate the confrontation with Christ. It discourages reverence in the face of mystery, precludes awe, and all but extinguishes a sense of sacredness."

St Augustine's Church, Preston


All that remained. Thank you Bishop.

Indian Style Passionist


About as far from the will of the Founder could not be imagined.

Passionists in South America


Going nowhere with this iconography. That's Christ on the Cross. An abstraction not a reality.

Belgique et Chrétienté

their blog. See tbe photos and videos of European Family Pride.

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Feast of the Translation of the Relics of St Dominic

His tomb in Bologna.

The Glory of St Dominic And he came to his last hour in the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and twenty-one and so slept in our Lord Jesu Christ, whose departing out of this world was showed the same day and the same hour to the friar general, then prior of the preachers of Brescia, and afterward to the bishop of the same city in this manner. For as he slept a light sleep, the head inclined to a wall, he saw the heaven open, and put down to the earth two white ladders, of which Jesu Christ and his mother held the end on high, and the angels descended and ascended by the ladders, singing. In the midst of the ladders there was a seat set, and upon the seat sat Saint Dominic with his head covered like a friar. And Jesu Christ and his mother drew up the ladders into heaven so high, that he that sat was lifted up into heaven, and then the opening of heaven was shut and closed. And then the same friar came to Bologna, and found tbat the same day and the same hour Saint Dominic died.

From the Golden Legend

Cathcon joins

A Relentless Crusade for the Restoration of Authentic Catholicism

Belgian Cardinal

begins to repent

Just a little bit

"In some cases, this could lead to a situation where 'the sacred is eliminated, the language trivialised and the cult turned into a social event or a piece of theatre,' he said. In these situations, the real subject of liturgy was no longer Christ."

He had better take a walk around some of his Churches here in Brussels. Some would become many if he was being realistic.