Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph


Chances of the triumph of humanism triumphing are a big ZERO, despite what Mr Clive James so elegantly maintains.

Worth a listen, the video of Clive James interviewing the Catholic novelist, Piers Paul Reid.

The Bishop

who is vice President of the Brazilian Bishops' Conference, called a fifth columnist. Not without good reason, as he said that the Vatican could sometime in the future reopen the question of the ordination of women.

Help is at hand. The Fifth Columnist is 74 years old and about to move from the Sixth Age to the Seventh. He is a priest forever but a bishop with jurisdiction until next year.

© 2007 Pope Benedict XVI

The Preface from his book, Jesus of Nazareth, whose Vicar, he is.

Our Lord's Most Precious Blood


kept in Bruges, which will be carried in the annual procession of Ascension Day.

But what do we read?

"On occasion of the Jubilee of the year 2000 important changes were already made to the Procession. New since the 2002 edition of this traditional feast for the inhabitants of Bruges is that the link is made with today. A group of young people make the bridge between the historical evocations and the religious experience of the youth of today."