Thursday, May 10, 2007

Look what they did to....the Jesuitenkirche, Vienna

The Lego Cross

St Francis Church

A Great Place to Stay (not!) in Carisbrook

"St Francis c.1864 has been sensitively transformed into a fully functional dwelling. The glorious gothic architecture of the original building is abundantly evident in the many gothic arches throughout and the beautiful timberwork of the 'cathedral' ceiling and other internal structures. Original pressed metal also features as part of the ceiling, which reaches a height of 40 feet. The church organ is still in place, but the upright piano might be more manageable for a little musical entertainment.

The renovation retained the impressive spaciousness of the church by adhering to an open-plan design. A queen size bed occupies the mezzanine with an ensuite of its own. The ground level comprises a large living and dining area on one side of the main archway while beyond is a slightly smaller area that incorporates a kitchen and a fireside dining area. A slow combustion fire is positioned centrally, while there is an open fireplace and an old fashioned wood stove at the kitchen end. The church vestibule (foyer) has been converted into a cosy room, dubbed the Harry Potter room. There's also a main bathroom complete with large corner spa.

Period furniture, a Grandfather Clock and the occasional church pew complement the overall charm, along with plenty of smaller collectible items that add unique personality."

Bavarian Catholic Women

Signs of hope

The newly founded Marian Congregation for Women.

Every time we say goodbye


we die a little

Church of St Thomas More closed in Germany. They sent an Auxilliary Bishop called Grave to perform the closing ceremony.

Criteria, criteria

What criteria?

"Questions about the criteria being used to determine which church will be closed were raised Sunday during the first of four community meetings, held at St. Agnes church."

Flip of a coin, I guess.

"French say 'Oui'

to saving St. Brigid's Church:

Call it la grande alliance. As supporters of the battle to save St. Brigid's in Manhattan wait for a response from the Irish government to their plea for help, the city's French community, with the support of the French government, has waded into the controversy surrounding the Famine-era Catholic church
The French government has already been backing local efforts to preserve another church in Manhattan, Saint Vincent De Paul, which has strong historical ties to the city's French community.

A group of leading French community representatives, with the support of the French Consul General in New York, last week submitted an amicus brief with the court that is considering the fate of St. Brigid's, slated by the Archdiocese of New York for closure.

The next court hearing in the St. Brigid's case has been set for June 8. A previous court hearing resulted in a decision against the committee and a green light for demolition.

'The churches that have been earmarked for closure all know each other,' said Scott Gastel, a spokesman for the committee that is campaigning to save St. Brigid's, which overlooks Tompkins Square Park. "

Liturgia Latina Home Page

"The primary aim of this project is to make available in electronic form some of the major texts of the traditional Latin liturgy of the Roman Catholic church, for the use of Catholic traditionalists and liturgical scholars. It will also make available other information and texts which are judged to be useful for the promotion of the Catholic tradition.
The Liturgia Latina project was begun in the year 2000 to honour the opening of the third millennium since Our Lord's Nativity.

Is dedicated to Our Lord and His Immaculate Mother; and also to those priests and bishops who have ensured that the traditional liturgy continues to be celebrated.
Please pray for the success of the project."

Feast of St Job