Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lost Parish Part III

After more than a decade without their Church, the Faithful return to the sanctuary -- for one emotional day.

To the most admirable of Cardinals


From the Pope to Alphonse Maria Cardinal Stickler on the occasion of his 70th Anniversary of priesthood.

No apologies. Its in Latin.

General indult for Latin Mass firming up?

Cathcon has now heard from two independent sources that the indult was (finally!!!)signed on Friday of last week.

No coincidence, I think that Cardinal Ricard of Marseilles was in Rome that week.

Extract from his Episcopal Diary

"Dimanche 18 mars :
10h 30 messe et visite pastorale du secteur de Saint-Emilion. Messe et repas à Lussac.

Mercredi 21 mars :
Congrégation pour la Doctrine de la foi, à Rome.
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Vendredi 23 mars :
9h 15 Conseil épiscopal ;

Samedi 24 mars :
9h 30 Emission RCF
15h Rencontre avec les acteurs de la solidarité à Libourne.
Messe puis rencontre à 20h avec toutes les catéchistes de l’ensemble Pastoral.

Dimanche 25 mars :
11h Confirmation à Saint-Médard en Jalles"

Only time will tell when (no longer an if, I think) the years that the locusts have eaten will draw to a close.

I have also heard in Brussels that the Pope may be celebrating the Old Rite over Easter, but that I can't believe. This would become more credible should the Indult be delayed until Holy Thursday.

Assorted Italian speculation here.

Westminster's 'Masses for Gays'

used to promote dissent.

The Cardinal said that they were going to promote Church teaching and were of a pastoral nature.

Not a chance.