Monday, March 26, 2007

The Christ Child predestined to the Cross


The Latin Mass

Article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review

We need those crazy Catholics

to make sure your Parish doesn't close.

Last month I attended the final Mass at a neighborhood parish. There were wake-like elements: tears, hugs, conversation, laughter, and stories. It had finality: parishioners would never assemble again in this church.

As I looked at the congregation in which walkers and bifocals far outnumbered car seats and juice cups, I thought about the parish history I had read. Written in 1957, it spoke of six Masses being celebrated every Sunday, a school that was flourishing, organizations teeming with participants.

I thought about other parishes that have closed or will be closing. Closing wasn't in their thoughts when terms like "packed," "long lines" and "waiting list" often defined the parish. Had someone asked 50 years ago, "Do you think our parish will ever close?" he or she would have been termed "crazy."

We need "crazy" Catholics. We need Catholics who, when the parish is thriving, think about what it would be like if the parish closed. We need them to freeze that image and then work toward never letting it become a reality.

The Lost Parish Part II

An agonizing battle to save a church reaches the Vatican and puts the faith of believers to the ultimate test.

And yet again that most repugnant of analogies.

The week before, Quinn had written to 1,500 St. Brigid parishioners, ordering them to stop using the altar for committee business. Urging churchgoers to accept the closure decision, Quinn said, "As at the death of a loved one, something very dear is being taken away. But life must go on."

Feast of the Annunication


Our Lady, our vain nature's solitary boast
From Cynewulf
Lo, thou the glory of the great earth,
purest of women over all the world
of all who have been since time began
how right it is that all voices,
all heroes on earth, hail thee, and say
with blithe mood that thou art the bride
of the Noblest One, the sky's King.

So too the highest in the heavens,
Christ's thanes, cry out and sing
that thou art Lady by thy holy might
of the glorious armies, of the race of men
living under the heavens, and of all hell-dwellers.

For thou alone of all mankind
thought gloriously in thy strong mind
that thee wouldst bring to thy Maker
thy maidenhood,
give it, sinless.

Not again
will such another come of men
a maiden ring-adorned who will thus send
heaven-homeward with ever pure heart
her bright treasure.

So the Lord of triumphs
bade His high messenger fly hither
from His strong glory, and say to thee
that His Might should speed thee, and thou shouldst bear
the Lord's Son, coming soon
in mercy to men, and thou, Maria,
for ever and ever be held unstained.

Cathcon live!

on Texas radio station, KTEM about 12 minutes in.

The Lost Parish Part I

"An unlikely band of believers launches a crusade that will change their lives." First of three parts.

What great journalism!

Holy Trinity parish meeting called

More pseudo-consultation of the laity

The results of the meeting.

This is the glory they want to destroy.