Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Protect Belgium


which Pope St Pius X granted 300 days of indulgences, almost precisely 100 years ago.

The National Basilica to the Sacred Heart in Brussels, the fifth largest Church in the world, where they now have an annual flower show, among other entertainments.

Strange black cube

appears in Innsbruck Cathedral. Click for video.

Due to leave again on the First Sunday after Easter.

Pope says Europe on a road "out of History"

and he asks just what are we meant to be celebrating. This weekend sees the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

As someone who lives just 400 yards from the soulless heart of Europe in Brussels, I could not agree more.

From a demographic viewpoint, it should unfortunately be ascertained that Europe seems headed on a road which could leave it out of History [portarla al congedo dalla storia: literally, "lead it to take its leave from History"].

If, on the occasion of the 50th [anniversary] of the Treaties of Rome, the governments of the [European] Union wish to "get close" to their citizens, how could [the former] exclude an essential element of the European identity as Christianity, with which a vast majority of [the latter] identify themselves? Is it not a reason for surprise that contemporary Europe, with an ambition of becoming a community of values, seems always and increasingly to contest that there are universal and absolute values? Does not this singular form of "apostasy" from itself, even more than from God, induce it perhaps to doubt its own identity? The conviction that the "balance of goods" is the only way for moral discernment and that common good is a synonym for compromise is thus widened. In reality, if compromise may constitute a legitimate balance of diverse particular interests, it turns into common evil every time it includes agreements [which are] hurtful to human nature.

A community which builds itself up with no respect for the authentic dignity of the human being, forgetting that every person is created in the image of God, ends up not doing good to anyone.

The Bishop before his wedding


From the even excellent

A fifty year old military bishop resigned a week ago. The media was speculating on the private life of this priest.

Msgr Tamas Szabo is a Hungarian military bishop aged 50 and who apparently wishes to marry.

The Hungarian daily papers and the internet portal Index confirm this independently. They refer to reliable sources.

The Bishop wants to marry his girlfriend who he had met through the charismatic renewal movement.

Msgr Szabo told the news agency MTI that he did not wish to speak about private matters in public. The Hungarian episcopate has not commented on these rumours so far.

However, the Bishops photo was removed from the website of the Hungarian Bishops’ Conference.

He is also not mentioned with the other Bishops emeritus. Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Msgr Szabo on 15 March. The Vatican did not mention the reasons.

The official Vatican communiqué about his resignation, refers as is usual if the Bishop does not leave due to age, to Canon 401, Section 2 of Canon Law. This section outlines that the Bishop must hand in his resignation if he is prevented from exercising his office due to illness or “other serious matters”.

Msgr Szabo has worked from 1993 to 1999 as Secretary to Archbishop Josef Karl Rauber. The latter came from Mainz and was, at that time, the Nuntius.

Bishop Szabo was ordained as priest in August 1988. Pope John Paul II appointed the 45 year old to become the Hungarian military bishop in November 2001. He received the rank of Brigadier General.

On the 12 January 2002, he was consecrated Bishop.

Feast of St Gabriel


Plan To Turn Church Into Flats

Church St Peter and St Paul falls victim to "the most pragmatic option"