Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2007 German horror tale 

"Earlier this month, a German teenager was forcibly taken from her parents and imprisoned in a psychiatric ward. Her crime? She is being home-schooled."


Austrian Catholic Youth- 60 years


My wife was a member in the days when they took their identity from God and his Church and before they became self-referrential. Sorry in German.

Storm is brewing over editorial control of new German Muslim TV programming

ZDF are disputing about the “Word on Friday”
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A storm is brewing on the contents of the internet provision of the planned programme “Word on Friday” between the Islamic Associations in Germany and ZDF. The ZDF Editor in Chief Nikolaus Brender told FAZ on Tuesday “it is obvious that the overall editorial responsibility is with ZDF”.

“The receivers of this programme will not only be Muslims but the entire German society who do not understand Islam fully. Society therefore has a right to discover more about this religion through questions. I therefore imagine that it would have a strong content related to dialogue. We live in a time where religion attracts stronger interest, which should come across in the considerations of religious journalism,” Brender stated.

The religious journalists are in the process of developing a format for the “Word on Friday” and ZDF aims to launch the programme in may of this year.

“There are enough talk shows”

The General Secretary of the Muslim Central Council, Aiman Mazyek said when talking to the FAZ that it does not make sense if the transmission is solely another platform for “a dispute with Islam”. He said “there are enough talk shows which feature this”. It is rather that according to the Law guaranteeing equality in the German constitution, in addition to the “Word on Sunday”, there should be a platform for the sermons of representatives of other religions. The responsibility for the contents of the Islamic contributions in this programme are “naturally with the Islamic associations”, according toMazyek. He wishes to start a level headed and open debate. He could imagine that Muslims would share a space with Christian churches, Jews and agnostics. “One should consider, over and above this, whether the present concept that makes religion public should be newly addressed”, so said Mayciek.

The Speaker of the Turkish Islamic Union for Religion (DITIB) Bekir Alboga told FAZ that a meeting with ZDF representatives was planned for this week. He stated that he considered the ZDF offer to be serious. “I am glad that the Home Secretary said at the Islamic conference that Islam is now a part of Germany and this was not just lip-service”. Alboga did not talk about the contents of this new programme, which are only details. He did say however that he expects that the programme would be like the “Word on Sunday. Sermons would be in German. More details on the programme would be considered in the Coordination Committee of the German Islamic Associations. The Committee consists DITIB, the Central Islamic Council and the Association of the Islamic Cultural Centres.

Overheard in the Sacristy

"It is my hope that the Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missal, would be not a relic of the past but a living, viable expression and experience of faith and worship to help strengthen us in our Catholic heritage to resist the false promises the world holds out to us and live a life of virtue and authentic joy...' -- Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego, Salvatore Cordileon"

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