Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News maybe on the Latin Mass indult

"The news comes from Rome and was confirmed yesterday in the Sacred Halls.":

What did you do in the Cold War, Father?

New book links dozens of priests in Poland to Communist-era secret services.

Indult for the Latin Mass

In the end, its all up to the Pope.

The Vatican does not want those that oppose the indult to say that it was due to undue pressure from traditionalists. Hence, Cardinal Hoyos earlier comments about the international petitions for the new indult.

Bishop Mixa's defence of family values


More criticism from all sides

Family Minister, Van der Leyen warns the Christian Democrats of a return to the 1950s
Translation of Part I. Part II of this article to follow.

Hypocrisy, cynicism, verbal abuse. The dispute about future nursery places becomes more controversial.

Frau Nahles of the Socialist Party calls the Family Minister’s plans “a makeover programme”, whilst Family Minister van der Leyen considers the dispute in her party “almost cynical”. Member of the Socialist Party governing body, Andrea Nahles reproaches her coalition partner for being hypocritical in order to achieve improved nursery care.

Frau Nahles, centre, pretending to be one of the Three Kings.
Beware of socialists bearing gifts.

She says in the Liepziger Volkszeitung that instead of reproaching the socialists for their financing suggestions of improved nursery care “they should, in the first place, their own ideological problems in their own court”. The SPD leftwinger suggested on the topic of financing to utilise a period of time, for instance, five years and that instead of increasing child benefit in this time to use the freed-up means in a qualitative and quantitative extension of nursery care. If the Union considers this suggestions as not being “socialists” then their intention is to hide their own ideological problems. “Frau van der Leyen’s make-up is very thin”, Nahles said critically. On the other the Family Minister considered it cynical when some people make out as if a voluntary offer of a nursery place for a child is seen as an obligation to send one’s child there. In view of the heated debate on her proposal of extending massively children’s nursery provision in Germany, she warned the Frankfurter Rundschau about the conflict between generations in the CDU. “We should not try to go back to the 50s, when we are in the year 2010.” Van der Leyen said it is beyond discussion to comment on the reproach of the Augsberg Bishop Mixa that she degrades women to baby making machines when she tries to extend provision for women of more nursery places. Demands for a family summit were brushed aside by the Minister when she said, “ I don’t think much of summits” The interaction of State, regions and local government cannot be handled in a summit on one morning.

Bishop Mixa criticism has continued to attract great interest. The German Family League in Bavaria, on Sunday, supported Mixa’s position. The needs of the family are only met in family policy at the moment if this is in the interest of the economy. This is what Johannes Schroeter of Munich, the Regional Chairman of the Family League said. “ The result is the one-sided emphasis on the mother’s earnings which Bishop Mixa quite rightly criticises.”

Para on Bishop Mixa’s restated position – see original story.

The Catholic Family League in Bavaria stated that the background to the latest family policy is in actual fact a strategy paper published by the national Family Ministry and the National Association of German Industry, dated November 2004. The aim of this paper was to ensure availability of a large workforce for the economy, despite a reducing population. It was seen that this could be achieved by increased nursery care outside the family and the withdrawal of the financial support for family childcare.

This strategy paper has now more and more taken on concrete in the hands of van der Leyen.

The Young Liberals in Swabia however, have asked Bishop Mixa to apologise for his verbal abuse whereby the expression “child bearing machines” was totally unacceptable. In fact, Bishop Mixa should in future concentrate on the care of souls and should respect the seperation of religion and state.

Cathcon note

Mixa has now withdrawn the use of this expression.

St Patrick's Day Recollection and Latin Mass


Cardinal Sin


So wicked, I post the whole article.


FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: Cardinal Egan (above) had Our Lady of Vilnius padlocked by order as he met with pastor Eugene Sawicki.

Edward Cardinal Egan pulled a fast one on a lower Manhattan parish pastor yesterday, summoning the priest to meet with him - then dispatching security guards to permanently lock the cleric's church doors.

The priest returned to Our Lady of Vilnius to find himself locked out - a brusque Egan move that left parishioners stunned and saddened.

The cardinal's move also occurred right before a scheduled meeting with Lithuania's consul general, who was set to make a plea to save the church, parishioners and the Archdiocese of New York said.

"Cardinal Egan again shows his true colors," said Peter Borre, a Boston man who is advising local parishioners in their efforts to avoid planned church closings by the archdiocese.

"This church has been here for 102 years. We're supposed to have a 12:15 p.m. Mass today and people were turned away crying," said the church's secretary, who gave only her first name, Joy.

"I find this unconscionable."

Egan's sneak attack came just days after The Post revealed that Lithuania's president had written a letter asking that he reverse a plan to close Our Lady of Vilnius on Broome Street, originally founded to serve natives of his country.

It also comes on the heels of his abrupt closure of an East Harlem church after parishioners there staged a one-day sit-in that ended in six arrests, and after two similar trespassing arrests at a Yonkers church that was being closed.

"It seems to be a vindictive act," said Ramute Zukas, president of the local chapter of the Lithuanian-American Community Inc., who has coordinated efforts to keep Our Lady of Vilnius open.

Egan's spokesman last week had said that although the small church was slated to close - because of dwindling attendance, a crumbling roof and the fact that Mass no longer was being offered in Lithuanian - no closing date had been set.

But yesterday, Egan summoned the Rev. Eugene Sawicki to his Madison Avenue office at 9 a.m., and told him "the closure is effective immediately," said archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling.

Even as that meeting with the pastor was occurring, three security guards were changing the locks on the parish doors and preventing anyone from entering.

An hour later, Egan met with Lithuanian Consul General Mindaugas Butkus, who hand-delivered President Valdas Adamkus' letter, and told the cardinal that "we value [the church] very much . . . it has historical value and cultural value."

Butkus, who had scheduled the meeting days before, had no idea the closing was imminent.

Asked if he was insulted by Egan agreeing to hear his request when he had already made up his mind, Butkus said, "I decline to comment."

But he said Egan "expressed dissatisfaction" about the way the issue had been portrayed in the media.

Zwilling, asked if anything had happened between last week and yesterday to prompt the cardinal's sudden shuttering of the church, said "nothing in particular," and denied that Egan was miffed by press coverage of the planned closure.

Liturgical excellence

as interpreted by Desperate Housewives stands for liturgical decadence.

German bishop supports the return of the Latin Mass


Bishop Hanke of Eichstätt stated to the Donau Kurier today that a generous permission of the old Rite would offer more people a home in the Church. Furthermore, he stated that the Catholic University of Eichstaett would get a stronger profile otherwise it would be difficult to convince other Bishops about the facility.

The Bishop also pointed to the problems caused by the probable enormous destruction of books in the library of the Capuchins by the head librarian. It is of greatest importance to take a stock and to evaluate the loss in an investigation. (Seems the librarian destroyed thousands and thousands of books. She clearly hated the beauty of the Catholic heritage entrusted to her but she would not be the only one!)

The Bishop according to a separate report stressed the importance of understanding the liturgy of the Orthodox Church.
The Bishop is also the youngest of the 27 German bishops (and clearly the one most directed towards the future of the Church).