Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Make it up as you go along

Very best Catholic humour from Emitte lucem tuam

What is on the Vatican Menu?

A Motu Propriu?

19 story office block

to be constructed next to St Joseph's Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania.

Probably Communists remaining in the civil service thinking they can behave like the good (to them) old days.

I visited the Cathedral in the early post-Communist days in Romania and have never met such well-informed and faithful Catholics.

Cardinal permits St Valentine Day Blessings of homosexual couples


Here is the original story on with the translation below.

The Vienna homosexual-supporting Cardinal permits his Cathedral Dean to bless homosexuals.

In the Cathedral of St Stephen in Vienna, homosexual couples are treated as lovers and are blessed as a couple. And this with the blessings of the Cardinal.

A Commentary

On Valentine’s Day, homo-couples will be blessed in St Stephens by the responsible authorities who are anything but responsible.

The event is being officially promoted as a “Blessing Mass for Lovers”. The Dean, Father Faber has expressly invited homosexuals. It remains the Dean’s secret what homo-couples share with lovers.
Father Faber or Toni, as he is known by those who wish to be overfamiliar

Father Faber stated last year that due to Church regulations, homosexuals could only be blessed individually and he maintains this, this year as well.

It is therefore appears that homosexuals are being blessed instead of being asked to repent and go to the confessional.

Dean Faber does not believe that God excludes homosexual couples or homosexually inclined people and they are therefore “not excluded”.

It is evident the Dean is engaging in a two-faced game with respect to his blessing of individual homosexuals.

This method underlies a system.

With this procedure, the Church has been managing for years to implement immoral and anti-Catholic practices.

One decides on a morally dubious act and one reassures with the assistance of verbal ambiguities that what one sees is not what one sees.

This has been done with the full knowledge and silent agreement of the competent bishops.

These practices are in contradiction to Church documents and become words for their own sake without any imperative. When nobody accuses, there is no judge.

Ambiguities are simply glossed over with the usual justifications.

The so-called shepherds look on but do not act. Anti-Catholic actions becomes habitual, then they become quasi-rules, and then the fixed norm.

Rituals for homosexual blessings. The Dean publically stated last year that he would like to have a special blessing rite for homosexual couples. This he implemented for the first time in February 2006 at the St Valentine’s Day blessing in the Cathedral.

The ceremony at which the Dean officiated and the Cardinal looked on has become a actual homosexual demonstration.

A homosexual ideologist in Church circles and who knows the Dean personally was publicly blessed together with his partner in St Stephen’s Cathedral.

“The priest puts his hands on both our shoulders and asks for God’s blessing for our relationship in good as well as in bad days.”

Dean Faber has beforehand solemnly promised not to do anything which the Holy Father would not agree with.

“We do not bless a relationship for life, we do not bless a homosexual marriage but we bless each and everyone in his longing for love”

The tactics are say one thing and do another.

The responsibility of the Cardinal
The Dean is not acting without authority. He explained to the media that this celebration has been naturally agreed to by the Vienna Cardinal.

Could he have lied?

It appears not. If he had, the Cardinal would have objected to the statement and would have spoken through his press officer to deny it.

It is also not known that the Cardinal has taken up any measures in his Cathedral, right under his nose, homosexual couples were being blessed.

On the contrary, the same spectacle will repeat itself this year. This can only be interpreted that the Vienna Cardinal supports the blessings of his Dean.

There are some Catholics who do not wish to criticize and do not wish to condone, come up with the usual excuses.

“The Cardinal did not know anything about it. He did not really want it. He didn’t actually participate. He has an enormous number of anti-Catholics in important positions to consider. What can he do on his own? He is alone.”

Does this mean that the Cardinal is not master of his own Cathedral parish?

There can only be one conclusion. The Cardinal should become the Dean and the Dean should become Cardinal.

The Cardinal will have to decide whether he wishes to exercise his office which he has received from the Pope.

He has until Wednesday to think about it. After Wednesday we will know.


Wednesday has been and gone.

As predicted, the Archdiocese of Vienna is full of surprises. Blessings also took place in other Churches including the Church of the Knights of Malta and Church of Mary, Our Help

A priest least of all can serve two Masters

The 100th Birthday of Father Otto Mauer, a life in the service of modern art.

His collection contains no less than 3000 pieces of modern art, the TV programmes say that he is the greatest supporter of the Austrian avant-garde.

Undistracted by marriage, clearly distracted by modern art!