Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

Some history of the mosaics.

Former Jesuit Church in Belarus

Seems to have been destroyed by the Communists in 1957.

Ballade to Our Lady of Częstochowa


Lady and Queen and Mystery manifold
And very Regent of the untroubled sky,
Whom in a dream St. Hilda did behold
And heard a Woodland music passing by:
You shall receive me when the clouds are high
With evening and the sheep attain the fold.
This is the faith that I have held and hold,
And this is that in which I mean to die.

Steep are the seas and savaging and cold
In broken waters terrible to try;
And vast against the winter night the wold,
And harbourless for any sail to lie.
But you shall lead me to the lights,
and I Shall hymn you in a harbour story told.
This is the Faith that I have held and hold,
And this is that in which I mean to die.

Help of the half-defeated, House of gold,
Shrine of the Sword, and Tower of Ivory;
Splendour apart, supreme and aureoled,
The Battler's vision and the World's reply,
You shall restore me, O my last Ally,
To vengeance and the glories of the bold.
This is the faith that I have held and hold,
And this is that in which I mean to die.

Prince of the degradations, bought and sold,
These verses, written in your crumbling sty,
Proclaim the Faith that I have held and hold
The Papal Legate venerating the image for the Celebrations of the Millenium of Polish Christianity in 1966.

The Empty Throne - a wound in the heart of the Polish people. Pope Paul VI was not allowed to attend by the Communist authorities. Communism which the Second Vatican Council had just failed to condemn.

The entire Episcopate of Poland in the Crypt of the Kings where the future Pope John Paul II said his first Mass. I doubt if they would have been as reticent as their modern successors in publically and officially proclaiming Christ the King of Poland, if they had had the chance.
Archbishops with relics of St Adalbert, Proto-Martyr of Poland, St Stanislaus, St Hyacinth, Apostle of the North and among the first Dominicans clothed by St Dominic, St John Cantius and other saints of Poland, at whose intercession and through the power of the Rosary, Communism, the devil's own work was conquered in their land.

Rubbish tip Mass


of Father Roberto Guevara SJ. The Catholic Church used to raise up the poor to God.
Mexico was in contrast the place of martyrdom by Communists of Father Michael Pro SJ. He was trained in Belgium at the Jesuit house of Enghein (closed, I think as early as 1953)
From a biography
"The following day he said his first Mass at Enghein. "At the beginning I felt rather embarrassed, but after the Consecration I felt nothing but heavenly peace and joy. The only petition I made to Our Blessed Lord was that of being useful to souls." His zeal for souls now leapt forth as a devouring flame.
The young Father Pro was once again "El Barretero" (the miner) when he descended into the earth to visit the coal miners at Charleroi. Some of them were Socialists, and likely to sneer at the cassock. Father Pro climbed into a train compartment at the end of the day and the workers inside informed him that they were all Socialists. "So am I!" he exclaimed, getting their attention. "I find just one difficulty; when we get all the money away from the rich people how are we going to keep it?" Then he explained some facts of Socialism to these deluded souls.
Next they told him they were also Communists. "Good!" said Father Pro, "So am I, and since I am very hungry I am going to have a banquet with the meal you are carrying." They laughed, and wanted to know if he wasn't afraid of them. "Afraid? Why should I be? I'm always well-armed." They were a little tense as he rummaged in his pockets for his "arms," but came out with a small Crucifix. Some of them removed their hats as Father Pro explained the love of Christ for the working man."
Compared to a man without a cassock who shares the name and politics of Che Guavara.
Long live Christ the King!

The Key to the Divine Protection


of the Third Order of St Francis
The Patron Saints

St Francis installs the first Crib.

No sign yet

of the Indult for the Latin Mass due early this month. But in the meantime, a new range of perfume has been launched in France called Indult. The French bishops will not condemn this indult but have tried to condemn the real one

Solemn High Ambrosian Rite Mass

a great glory of the Church