Monday, January 15, 2007

Good news from Poland

On 3rd January 2007, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Rzeszów in Poland, Rev. Kazimierz Górny, issued a Decree on the formation of Latin Rite Community (Duszpasterstwo Tradycji Lacinskiej) in the Diocese of Rzeszów. The Bishop, having considered the humble request of the faithful whishing to participate in the Holy Eucharist according to the Traditional Roman Rite, with a view to their spiritual benefit and well-being, has decided as written in the preceding sentence. The Community shall follow the Rules & Regulations containing the mode of operation and the members’ goals to be implemented. The activity of the Community shall include without limitation

intellectual care through defence of catholic values in the public domain, discussion sessions, scientific conferences;

spiritual care through dissemination of traditional piety and prayer, Gregorian Chant, receiving sacraments according to the Traditional Rite;

liturgical service through the preparation of the Holy Mass celebration according to the Traditional Roman Rite and thereto-related indispensable education.

Membership of the Latin Rite Community shall require filing a request including obligation to respect and be guided by the a/m Rules & Regulations in everyday life.

Rev. Krzysztof Tyburowski Ph. D. was appointed the first chaplain of the Community.

Bishop Ordinary, Kazimierz Górny, gave his blessing to the Community and all involved in the formation thereof.