Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Risen Christ


Abbey Church of Ninove in Belgium.

Incredible to say, we saw a dog being taken for a walk around the Church today.

Furthermore, it is a convenient myth that there was no lay-participation prior to the Council. In this Church alone one could be a member of
A Confraternity of the Passion

The Confraternity of St Barbara
The Confraternity of Pope St Cornelius,

whose relics are kept in the place

The Living Rosary

The Confraternity of the Sacred Heart

All of these were swept away after the Council. The sons and daughters of the members named on these Confraternity lists simply lapsed.


Sanctus Belle said...

We seriously need to get back to these confraternities. I long for these bygone days. At my parish we get only 3-5 people showing up at our prolife meeting. I'm not sure if its apathy, lack of clerical support or our busy adult lives...

Anita Moore said...

It's my understanding that lay members of religious orders all but disappeared in Europe after Vatican II.

ChrisG said...

see however newly formed Confraternity of Saint Peter