Friday, April 20, 2007

Can you hear me?

A test for Cathcon Talks


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Chris was that you?

Do you recall sometime back I told you about a boy I went to school with, who also lived about 50 yards from me, by the name of Edward Gillibrand. You said, given the location, Shaw, 10 miles NE of Manchester, and how unusual the name is, that you might well be related.

I noticed, I think in your facebook a couple of weeks ago that there was a link or something to other Gillibrands, and two of them I think were from Manchester. Well, I forget to mention at the time, the Edwards dad was from Manchester, I know his sister or something still lives there, and, here *is* the spooky part...his voice, if not accent, is remarkably similar to yours...its your "r"s. When you said "liberation" and "satisfactory" I thought, "he sounds just like Eds dad!"

Gillibrand said...

Gillibrands are Lancashire!

In their day a tough recusant family, the main family of Gillibrand Hall lost the plot in the 19th century.

Five Jesuits in the family!