Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stealth priestess red alert

Somebody had better tell the Bishop of Linz, also seen in these photos.
His spectacles cannot be functioning!

But she is not alone!

Looks the same from the back!

Incredibly, the local protestant pastor got very upset indeed at this event because he wasn't given Communion, saying the Bishop should have handled matters differently. An unfortunate side effect of frequent Communion is that the protestants now think that to receive Communion in a Catholic Church is a badge of honour.


Anonymous said...

In the second photo' he's giving The Salute with his left hand.

And it's supposed to be with arm fully outstretched and with the thumb level with the eye.

Doesn't he know anything?

No wonder his ceremonies are up the spout.

And perhaps a little lesson in the facts of life about what makes little boys and girls different from each other might be in order for future bishops.

Paul said...

Holy Communion is an honor for Catholics -- that's why Protestants aren't admitted . . . and why women shouldn't be wandering around the sanctuary in their nightgowns (I would say that it looked like she was pretending to be a deacon, but surely that can't be the case).