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Election of Pope Pius XII


Including film of the Pope's shoes marked with the Cross, which of old at an audience one kissed at the beginning of the audience.

Le Cardinal Bertone in the Figaro Magazine

"Les erreurs ne sont pas dans les textes du concile, mais dans les comportements de ceux qui ont prétendu interpréter à leur propre guise la réforme liturgique de Vatican II"

"The errors are not in the texts of the Council but in the bearings of those who have attempted to interpret in their own manner the liturgical reform of Vatican II"

However, inherent in the texts is an openness to interpretration, derived from Blondel's fatal definition of truth.

Pray for and with the Pope


The Pope turns on the electricity in Africa shown on this 1959 prayer card

Freedom for the Latin Mass

on the way according to Cardinal Bertone.

Now waiting for the details!

Save the Liturgy, Save the World


Merchandise here
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Our Lady Mocked

In another alien alert in Belgium, as an exhibition called WIT, better to say WITless takes over a Catholic Church in Brussels. This was once the Church of the Beguins.

Stumble over a stone on your way to confession!

I could not find titles for the works of art, but I think these are pomegranates empty of their seds, symbolising that sin does not exist any more.

Snow-flakey Church

The mouse-trap

Naked statue in front of confessional

With the grotesque head.

Their " Altar" which I have seen the parish priest also use as a writing table.

The altar which should be used!

Not surprising that this Church should mock Our Lady

The alien's space ship

This alien is on permanent display in the Church, was there before the exhibition and will be there after it. Unless he gets into his spacecraft and flys off.

See also Devil and aliens in Church.

Sleeping Cardinal almost lost 20 million euros

Nuncio forced to intervene.

A translation of a piece appearing in the Belgian satirical magazine Pere Ubu

The de-christianisation which is well-known in our country has led to absurd situations of enormous convents situated in the centre of cities not being occupied by more than a few often elderly nuns and there are no more vocations. And the sharks smell easy prey.

Normally, if a congregation closes, the real estate must be returned to the Church, represented in our country by the “Papabile” Godfried Danneels. One knows what this man represents…..

In the case which worries us today, the Cardinal (who still has not explained… details of an unrepeatable scandal, talked about but rarely referred to in print) does not appear to be interested in the defence of a property worth 20 million euros.

Even though the group of those involved exploited the naivety of the enclosed Sisters and what we reproduce on page 5 stinks a mile away. An enormous amount of detail about the hijack of the charity holding the convent property and its transformation into another operation- violating Canon and civil law, deliberate underestimation of the value of the property, an ever-decreasing lease for the nuns and violation of planning laws, with work without permission. The Nuncio wrote on 7 January

It is not possible in a few lines to specify the illegalities committed in the framework of this operation. They relate to Canon Law, Civil Law, the statutes of the Congregation and probably to tax law.

Only the forceful intervention of the Papal nuncio and one can say a very rare intervention of the Vatican, supported totally the residents.

So that the religious in the case can dispose of their property to the benefit of Rome and Paris (I think they have a convent there)

If Danneels had done his duty instead of protecting paedophiles or hiring them to direct the choir at a Royal wedding, he would be concerned with many properties in the same situation – one cites Tournai, Mons, Liege but also the

Money raised from the Pastoral Funds appeal this year has to go to plug the financial deficit of the failed Cardinal Danneels Evangelisation Extravaganza.

Its a bit difficult to preach the Christian gospel when one of the closing speakers was Muslim. Whatever he said, indifferent, for better or for worse, was not the Gospel.

What the Pope's brother thinks of the Belgian Cardinal.

Latin Mass indult

Pope looks for bridge to tradition

Thankyou rorate caeli

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Carthusian mottto

The Cross stays still, while the world turns:

"Friend, Whoever you are, whatever led you to this site, welcome.
You will not find anything fashionable, not even a concern for being different."

Feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows


From the blog of the Religion Correspondent of The Times

My defence of the Sobrino notification to balance an attack on it by John Wilkins, former editor of The Tablet.

The unfaithful remnant

or the swansong of 1960s theologians
Translation from

So called Catholic faculties and professors have not taken well to the condemnation of a liberation theologian.

The Vatican has with this act condemned the presently prevailing Catholic university system. They recognize this themselves.

About 70 theologians, who take themselves to be Catholic, have backed the liberation theologian, Father Jon Sobrino. The so-called liberation theology was practiced in the late 80s of the last century. The theses of the Jesuit, Sobrino on Jesus Christ have recently been condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The emeritus dogmatic theologian at Tübingen University, Peter Hünermann (seen here, centre presenting a commentary on the Second Vatican Council)

has asked for a reform of the Catholic Congregration for the Doctrine of the Faith in his article in the April issue of the monthly journal, Herder Correspondenz which is on the whole unreliable in terms of questions of Faith. (Cathcon notes he calls it a matter of "theological quality control" - a good way of hiding one's own deficiencies is to unjustly allege others have the same faults as yourself)

There are 69 theologians who would support his appeal for an “intelligent reform” of the Catholic Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Amongst the above are a Director of the University of Salzburg, Heinrich Schmidinger,

the elderly professor of fundamental theology, Johann Baptist Metz from Munster,

as well as the moral theologian, Dietmar Mieth from Tübingen.

This is what Hünermann reported to the German Catholic News Agency on Wednesday.

Authority to censor?

“The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has still got the structure of a 16th century censor,” maintains Father Hünermann who is also the Honorary President of the European Society for Catholic Theology.

The high protectors of the Faith did not rise to their task. Hünermann furthermore points out that the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” is theologically incompetent and that Jon Sobrino’s condemnation was based on false assumptions. These assumptions stem from his writings and are “in part” completely wrong and are based on a “cursory reading”.

“By condemning Jon Sobrino, the most reputable exegetes and systematic theologians, both Catholic and Protestant are being condemned too”, claims Peter Hünermann

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has misunderstood Father Sobrino’s statement and adheres to “medieval forms of thinking”.

The Roman notification is a “condensation of neo-scholastic theology as a criterion for today’s theology” according to Hünermann. The condemnation of the principal Christological works of Father Jon Sobrino have triggered off “deep consternation” in the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna.

The Catholic Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was asked in a press statement to start a serious and patient dialogue. This would mean that they would have to show respect to Sobrino’s person whose “witness to the faith is beyond argument”, and on the other hand also respect for “the achievements of the theological sciences of the last decades” which have been dealt with in Father Sobrino’s works.

The Catholic Faculty in Vienna is also asking the question, “whether the present procedural regulations of the Congregation should need further reform? The Faculty would like to establish “a dialogue between the respective author and the competent authorities in order to obtain an appropriate decision”

The Dean of Graz University even recognises a “shining example of a theology which stands for what it believes and is ready to combat dangers” in the work of the liberation theologian, Sobrino.

Precious Souvenir if you are Faithful


Easter confirmations coming soon!

Considering a vocation with the Franciscans

Check out The Franciscan Archive

The myth of the 'Nazi' Pope

'Nazi' Pope helped Jews flee Holocaust

Active relaxation at Youth Mass in Aachen.


Active participation was demanded by the Second Vatican Council.


Ecumenical conference paid for I think by the European Commission. They are certainly called the patrons.

The German Nazi Party was also a keen supporter of ecumenism in its day.

"Movements and Christian Communities “Together for Europe”

Through “Together for Europe” Christian movements and communities - catholic, evangelical lutheran, anglican and orthodox ones - are freely coming together. While each movement keeps its own autonomy, on specific occasions they work together for shared goals, with each group giving the contribution of its own charism and particular spirituality.

It is not an organisational unity or a new structure. Instead Together for Europe tries to answer the much felt need today for a “relationship of communion,” “a culture of reciprocity”, through which different peoples and individuals can welcome each other, get to know each other, be reconciled and learn to respect and support each other.

The relationship of communion among groups, communities, associations and Christian movements, each of which has been gifted with different structures and charisms, is also lived out as practical solidarity, so that the values of Christian experience may become a resource for the whole of society.

These movements, associations and communities are involved in different areas of society: family, work, education, youth, economy, health, media, politics, art, the environment, sport, old and new forms of poverty, culture and peace.

Their synergy is a chance to showcase the vitality of Christian experience in today’s world, and particularly in Europe.

With the spirit of the Gospel, their aim is to contribute to the fulfilment of what is known as the “Europe of the spirit.”

Their commitment is rooted in their identity as Christians of various denominations, and in the deep respect held for people of different cultures and religions with whom the desire is to establish a link of mutual appreciation and effective collaboration.

“Europe of the spirit” is the challenge put before all Christians and believers. It asks for a commitment so that the culture of living together may advance."

Flower power


Open air Mass at the German Flower Show in Munich 2005

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Turkey Opens Restored Armenian Church

Hollow actions without an admission of genocide.

Get this either for your blog or website!


Archdiocese takes steps to close Holy Trinity

Archdiocese of Boston performing right on previous form.

"In an at times contentious meeting attended by more than 100 parishioners Sunday afternoon in the lower chapel of the church, the Rev. Mark O’Connell, representing Cardinal Sean O’Malley, presented plans to move the Latin Mass to Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton. He said that the Archdiocese needed time to do

“more work on what a German community would look like” (INCREDIBLE STATEMENT-

before moving that community out of the church and setting a closing date. He also answered questions from parishioners about why the church had to close in the first place and talked about the financial challenges the church has faced.

Many parishioners from the Latin and German Mass traditions are unhappy with the plan to move the Latin Mass to Mary Immaculate. At several points during the meeting, O’Connell’s remarks were received with mumbled disbelief, snorts of derision and at least one cry of “He’s full of XXXX.” One older woman, wearing a black lace head covering, stood up during the meeting and said, “I think this has been a total waste of time because we are being hoodwinked completely.”"

The Rite of Mass


On 7th March the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) carried a piece by the celebrated German author, Martin Mosebach, among several others on the same subject. Sadly, the original does not appear to be on the internet, but here is a translation, kindly provided in this case, by a Cathcon reader. Please pray for the donor!

The text.

The question regarding the significance of the old Latin Rite of Mass may be considered under two main aspects. The first is of importance for Christians and especially for Catholics, the second may carry weight for non-Christians. Christians must ask themselves if the rites - the old Latin one, as well as the various Orthodox and Oriental rites - are an essential or merely an accidental part of their religion. Does one need the rite in order to be a Christian?

The Orthodox and - until recently - Catholics have always held this conviction: Yes, there is a need for a rite. The core of the Christian religion, the “Word becoming flesh”, is an objective event and must be commemorated in an objective, and that means in a received, rite devoid of subjective effects. This view entails a rejection of subjectivity and “inwardness” which may appear absurd or scandalous to our contemporaries, but which has stood the Christian religion in good stead through many deep ruptures in its two-thousand-year history.

There are, however, also people with only a faint link, if any, to Christianity who secretly derive consolation from the continued existence of the received rite. Our theories of history, which have as their subject unremitting and irreversible revolutions and which posit an unrelenting evolution of humanity in historically graspable epochs, are countered by the hallowing corrective of a living rite which stems from the world of antiquity but whose roots stretch back to the Old Testament of the Jews and to the Second Old Testament of Pagan religions and philosophies. Conceiving of one’s own age as being wholly new and disconnected from history is an expression of an historical totalitarianism which carries political totalitarianism in its knapsack.

The existence and practice of this age-old rite in the centre of major cities, in the basilicas and cathedrals built for its celebration, relativises the hegemony of the present with its horrors and promises of happiness, refuting the one with innumerable demises, the other with innumerable resurrections in the past. The old Latin Rite - together with the Greek Orthodox - is the red thread running through the stations of world history; the place beyond history from which history may be contemplated. And not only history: in the changing course of time the objective rite makes the immutability of God discernable to the religious, that of Man to the non-religious.
Translated from the German by Philip Savage

The then Cardinal Ratzinger,

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St Joan of Arc to the Hussites


Jesus, Mary
For a long time the rumor and voice of the people have reported to me, Joan the Maiden, that from true Christians you have become heretics, and like the Saracens you have ruined the true faith and worship, and embraced a disgraceful and unlawful superstition; and wishing to sustain and spread it there is not a disgraceful thing nor foolish belief which you would not dare. You spoil the sacraments of the Church, you tear up the articles of the Faith, you destroy the churches, you break and burn the statues which were set up as memorials, you massacre Christians because they preserve the true Faith. What is this fury? Or what rage or madness consumes you? This faith, which God Almighty, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have revealed, established, elevated to power, and glorified a thousand ways through miracles - you persecute this Faith, you wish to overthrow and destroy it. You are blind, but not because you lack eyes or understanding. Do you believe that you will remain unpunished for it? Or are you unaware that God opposes your unlawful efforts and will not permit you to remain in darkness and error? So that the more you indulge yourselves in crime and sacrilege, the more He will prepare great punishments and anguish for you.

As far as I am concerned, to tell you frankly, if I wasn't occupied in the English wars I would have come to see you a long time ago; but if I don't find out that you have reformed yourselves I might leave off [fighting] the English and go against you, so that by the sword [lit. - "by iron"], if I can't do it any other way, I will eliminate your mad and obscene superstition and remove your heresy or your life; but if you would prefer to return to the Catholic faith and the original Light, then send your ambassadors to me and I will tell them what you need to do; if [on the other hand] you are not willing and if you obstinately resist the spur,n9 remember what damage and offenses you have committed and await me, who will inflict similar upon you with forces human and divine.
Given at Sully the [2]3rd, of March
to the heretics of Bohemia

St Joan of Arc, if she did not move with the times, why should we?

French bishops take note!

A sort of communion

"In his greetings, Cardinal Kasper underlined how since Vatican II, a sort of communion between the Catholic Church and the LWF has arisen. He said that both have 'achieved many steps that look forward, toward an ever greater partnership and friendship.'"

A toughening of rhetoric

at least, in the presence of the Papal nuncio.

Stealth priestess red alert

Somebody had better tell the Bishop of Linz, also seen in these photos.
His spectacles cannot be functioning!

But she is not alone!

Looks the same from the back!

Incredibly, the local protestant pastor got very upset indeed at this event because he wasn't given Communion, saying the Bishop should have handled matters differently. An unfortunate side effect of frequent Communion is that the protestants now think that to receive Communion in a Catholic Church is a badge of honour.

Aliens have landed in the Dominican Republic


Cathcon exclusive, they have taken control of the Basilica of Higuey which has started to glow blue.

Forty years of "openess" to the world


Have led the laity to think that Christ is a good bloke.

And footballers are angels - or is that the other way around. My thanks to the source of the tip.


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The Standard Measure of Catholic Liturgy

Translation of original article on the universal indult for the Latin Mass.

Benedict XVI has achieved it. The Pope who came from Luther’s country will re-permit the Latin Mass. The re-permission of the old Latin Rite of 1570 by Benedict XVI is due. There is hardly a paradigm for such a reversal in the whole history of the Catholic world. This step will change the Church. The sovereign decision has been accomplished by the rather shy Pope, almost single-handedly, against enormous resistance. Many did not reckon on it, that he would not avoid such a conflict, but that he would unwaveringly decide with only a few Cardinals included in the decision, Cardinals who had thought they had wanted to electing a transitional Pope.

Furthermore, many Vatican staff and clerics of the Roman Curia have not reckoned that the German would plant such a dramatic sign. A catafalque on which the body of John Paul II was laid out in St Peters from 4th-8th April 2005, has not been removed even after two years. The bier was, instead, placed to the front on the right of the Basilica in a side aisle near the tomb of Clement X, behind the organ. Next to this bier, there are plastic chairs stacked up which can be used for placing in rows in the Cathedral if too many people have arrived. The catafalque has been covered with plastic sheeting, as if it is waiting behind the organ only to be taken out again to offer the German Pope his last resting place on earth. The bier behind the organ is, of course, not waiting, but what do those wait for who have hidden it in this baroque junk-room.

This is a question which perhaps irritates only a few of the initiated. There is much more concern on the observation that the Vatican has newly the Apostolic Camera last December. The latter had limited itself to activities in the period after the death of the Pope and the election of his successor. What should the new staff actually do, except to twiddle their thumbs and use the phones on which nobody calls, only for internal gossip?

The self-conscious culture of the Italian “menefregismo” (don’t give a jot!) can be evidenced with many examples of legendary activities, why the powers of insistence which do not wish to change anything are so extraordinarily strong in the Vatican, because what is more Italian than the Vatican. Ex-State Secretary Sodano refuses sternly to leave his service apartment. Tarcisio Bertone to whom this would be allocated as his successor must put up with an stand-by. And on Sunday, three Canons actually elevated quickly once more the Veil of Veronica in silver frame from the plinth of the Veronica column on Sunday at Vespers and everyone knows in the meantime in Rome that it cannot show the old true picture, because it is too large, is not transparent and in no way corresponds of the “Vera Ikon”.

Even Dante would not have dedicated a single line in his Divine Comedy to this piece of material. But what does it matter? Small pieces of evidence are seldom given a chance against age-old traditions in the Eternal City. One could have misconstrued such happenings as a sovereign contempt for reality but this is only conditionally true. There are apparently conditions, as in the old Rome. So it is lamented in the Cantus Firmus and this is in many ways true.

Because the power of the old Rome is in actual fact also in a tenuous and pure adherence. In this milieu, even Joseph Ratzinger had been a foreign body. He was always a preserver and mover, a true conservative and he has become this, even more so, as Benedict XVI. The Pope from Luther’s country resists passionately every firm adherence which in Rome today, as much as in the rest of the world church, is often and paradoxically not conservative, but instead an adherence to the liberal zeitgeist of the last 40 years. The power test was not on staffing decisions, which had been long overdue, but a passionate concern for the old Rite of the Tridentine Mass, which had been forbidden by the reformers and which has now emerged in a big ideological wing of the Church.

Benedict XVI frees the dignified, old Liturgy which Paul VI had abolished and replaced with the stroke of the pen (a Mass that had been developing over many centuries). Benedict has not allowed himself to be influenced by neither the objections of the French nor of the German Cardinals and Bishops, and especially not by the various debates in European newspapers.

He will free the use of the old Mass everywhere and it no longer needs the approval of the local Bishops, who had been the restricting hand, up to now and where a minimum of thirty faithful ask for the Mass, as stated in the Corierra del Siera. This is the sovereign revision of a cultural revolution which the Pope has unwaveringly carried out in the two years he has been in office. If nothing happens to him, his Motu Proprio on the Tridentine Mass will be published as certainly as the amen in the Church, probably in the Easter period.

An accompanying letter to all Bishops is already in preparation. It has been decided. This is not a systems reboot, as is due with a defunct computer. Benedict XVI returns to the Catholic Church her own standard with this liturgy, a standard which from now on can be compared to the 1969 Novus Ordo decisively. The decision has opened the way to a finger-wrestling full of surprises. After all finger wrestling is a Bavarian speciality.

This picture explains as much as anyone needs to know about finger-wrestling

Silence of a shepherd

Schiavo Brother Denounces St. Petersburg Bishop Lynch

With apologies to St Joan of Arc


but with none to the French Bishops who have done everything to stop the universal indult for the Latin Mass, as some of their predecessors tried to stop the Definition of Papal Infallability in 1870.

Thanks here.

The Popes on the scandal of slavery

Third post down

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The Lost Parish Part III

After more than a decade without their Church, the Faithful return to the sanctuary -- for one emotional day.

To the most admirable of Cardinals


From the Pope to Alphonse Maria Cardinal Stickler on the occasion of his 70th Anniversary of priesthood.

No apologies. Its in Latin.

General indult for Latin Mass firming up?

Cathcon has now heard from two independent sources that the indult was (finally!!!)signed on Friday of last week.

No coincidence, I think that Cardinal Ricard of Marseilles was in Rome that week.

Extract from his Episcopal Diary

"Dimanche 18 mars :
10h 30 messe et visite pastorale du secteur de Saint-Emilion. Messe et repas à Lussac.

Mercredi 21 mars :
Congrégation pour la Doctrine de la foi, à Rome.
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Vendredi 23 mars :
9h 15 Conseil épiscopal ;

Samedi 24 mars :
9h 30 Emission RCF
15h Rencontre avec les acteurs de la solidarité à Libourne.
Messe puis rencontre à 20h avec toutes les catéchistes de l’ensemble Pastoral.

Dimanche 25 mars :
11h Confirmation à Saint-Médard en Jalles"

Only time will tell when (no longer an if, I think) the years that the locusts have eaten will draw to a close.

I have also heard in Brussels that the Pope may be celebrating the Old Rite over Easter, but that I can't believe. This would become more credible should the Indult be delayed until Holy Thursday.

Assorted Italian speculation here.

Westminster's 'Masses for Gays'

used to promote dissent.

The Cardinal said that they were going to promote Church teaching and were of a pastoral nature.

Not a chance.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Christ Child predestined to the Cross


The Latin Mass

Article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review

We need those crazy Catholics

to make sure your Parish doesn't close.

Last month I attended the final Mass at a neighborhood parish. There were wake-like elements: tears, hugs, conversation, laughter, and stories. It had finality: parishioners would never assemble again in this church.

As I looked at the congregation in which walkers and bifocals far outnumbered car seats and juice cups, I thought about the parish history I had read. Written in 1957, it spoke of six Masses being celebrated every Sunday, a school that was flourishing, organizations teeming with participants.

I thought about other parishes that have closed or will be closing. Closing wasn't in their thoughts when terms like "packed," "long lines" and "waiting list" often defined the parish. Had someone asked 50 years ago, "Do you think our parish will ever close?" he or she would have been termed "crazy."

We need "crazy" Catholics. We need Catholics who, when the parish is thriving, think about what it would be like if the parish closed. We need them to freeze that image and then work toward never letting it become a reality.

The Lost Parish Part II

An agonizing battle to save a church reaches the Vatican and puts the faith of believers to the ultimate test.

And yet again that most repugnant of analogies.

The week before, Quinn had written to 1,500 St. Brigid parishioners, ordering them to stop using the altar for committee business. Urging churchgoers to accept the closure decision, Quinn said, "As at the death of a loved one, something very dear is being taken away. But life must go on."

Feast of the Annunication


Our Lady, our vain nature's solitary boast
From Cynewulf
Lo, thou the glory of the great earth,
purest of women over all the world
of all who have been since time began
how right it is that all voices,
all heroes on earth, hail thee, and say
with blithe mood that thou art the bride
of the Noblest One, the sky's King.

So too the highest in the heavens,
Christ's thanes, cry out and sing
that thou art Lady by thy holy might
of the glorious armies, of the race of men
living under the heavens, and of all hell-dwellers.

For thou alone of all mankind
thought gloriously in thy strong mind
that thee wouldst bring to thy Maker
thy maidenhood,
give it, sinless.

Not again
will such another come of men
a maiden ring-adorned who will thus send
heaven-homeward with ever pure heart
her bright treasure.

So the Lord of triumphs
bade His high messenger fly hither
from His strong glory, and say to thee
that His Might should speed thee, and thou shouldst bear
the Lord's Son, coming soon
in mercy to men, and thou, Maria,
for ever and ever be held unstained.

Cathcon live!

on Texas radio station, KTEM about 12 minutes in.

The Lost Parish Part I

"An unlikely band of believers launches a crusade that will change their lives." First of three parts.

What great journalism!

Holy Trinity parish meeting called

More pseudo-consultation of the laity

The results of the meeting.

This is the glory they want to destroy.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wierdness in the St Andrä Church, Salzburg


A video-sound installation.

All do not go to heaven


The myth of universal salvation, propagated in the last forty years, dustbinned for ever by Pope Benedict. "There is a hell"

And a unique find today, a souvenir of a retreat in 1905, "An Admission Ticket to Heaven" awarded in the Divine School of Patience.

Noone will receive the crown, who has not legitimately fought.

Illness, Suffering

I accept it.

O Mary, help me to keep this religiously in my heart.

Europe celebrates 50 years of peace


But will they have peace for the next 50.

The menu for the State Banquet of the Kaiser's visit to Belgium prior to the First World War in 1911.

Better start listening to the Pope before it is too late.

The sleeping shepherd

Coming soon a big scandal relating to Cardinal Danneels.

Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha

purchase Catholic Church to turn it into a Hindu temple.

“God is still going to be in that place, and prayers are still going to continue,” a Mr. Joshi said.

Not with the Blessed Sacrament removed it isn't.

More details here.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Protect Belgium


which Pope St Pius X granted 300 days of indulgences, almost precisely 100 years ago.

The National Basilica to the Sacred Heart in Brussels, the fifth largest Church in the world, where they now have an annual flower show, among other entertainments.