Monday, December 18, 2006

How about saving souls?


Instead of saving goals.

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart


can't be very good at their job if they would not be recognised in the street.

Book fair

Three locations - one in a Church stolen by protestants, one in a church they built for themselves and one in a former Franciscan Church, now a regional documentation centre.

Highly unpleasant Christmas reading


The special European edition of the journal of Catholics for a Free Choice being circulated in the European Parliament. This outfit is just as Catholic as the European institutions are democratic.

They have set up an All Party Working Group on the Separation of Religion and Politics - better to say a pseudo-democratic protection racket for the organised crime of abortion.

The odd bunch

Google's ideas on what blogs are related to Cathcon.


German Catholic Youth Movement

stages rock concert by a group called Jimi FX.

This is the punk rock group's webpage. If you want to understand how un-Catholic they are click on lyrics but be warned, they are very offensive.

Carmel of the Sacred Heart

now a seminar centre.

Paradigm change

in the Roman Curia? (sorry its in German).