Friday, December 15, 2006

First a letter from Cardinal Arinze

Now some action on the removal of the erroneous translation of pro multis from the modern Missals.

One should pause to reflect on how many souls have been endangered or lost when they came to believe in the utterly erroneous doctrine of universal salvation on hearing "for all" rather than "for many".

And then weep.

Church becomes mosque

in Massachusetts.

And the priest should wash his mouth out for these comments.

"Father Pomerleau said Catholic parishes and dioceses, when selling former worship spaces, need to be very careful about the future use of the facilities. "I think we would have had ... opposition had it been (sold to) a certain kind of business." "

"Basically, what the community is doing is (forming) what I like to compare to an ethnic parish in Catholicism, a Turkish-speaking mosque, and we're very pleased to welcome them here," said St. Jude's pastor, Father William Pomerleau."

Selling to a mosque is hardly being careful.

The call to prayer.

No Christmas

for Holy Cross Church.