Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prandtauerkirche, St Poelten

Always worth a visit for anyone in the vicinity. They have a Scapular Confraternity in Honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Enquire about membership!

Archbishop Marini sees which way the wind is blowing

and changes direction (sorry in German).

House of Stillness, Steyr, Austria


A group gives a dry run for their new song book, You with us (does that mean God, or you are welcome at our retreat centre. Always difficult to know with modern self-obsessed spirituality).

The book contains almost no songs of repentance or conversion and you will have to look very hard for a song honouring Mary.

Celebrating 20 Years of the Day of Prayer for World Peace in the same place. Can anyone locate the Cross, our only hope?

In a similar outfit in Regensburg, they have given up the Cross entirely.
Can anyone locate the Cross, our only hope.

They say it is based on the meditation image of Brother Klaus. But who is going to know that? Most will think it is a symbol for pagan mediatation. The tabernacle looks as if it is part of the engine room of Star Trek, not the Holy of Holies.

This is the "corporate logo" for the organisation linking together Spiritual Exercise Centres in Germany and Austria. Worryingly, much more labyrinth than Cross.

Another day, no less than two stealth priestesses


spotted in a parish of the Diocese of Linz.

The same parish of Neuhofen also has a wonderful piece of stained glass which from every splinter proclaims the Catholic Faith (or rather doesn't).
It is part of their project, Faith Image- Life image.

Prayer for and protest against

the Diocese of Linz.

St Padre Pio


says the Latin Mass.

Famous former seminarians

as well as an Orthodox and a protestant drop out- all dangerous in their separate ways.

Our Lady of Montligeon


pray for us!

Expiatory Work for the Deliverance of the Souls detained in purgatory. An Archconfraternity Prima Primaria - it now styles itself a "Fraternity without Frontiers".

God so loved the world


Hear, O Lord the cries of the poor souls.

The nun and the heretic


A picture of Joan Chittister (correction the Prior of Sister Chittister's covent- see comments) - with a German Benedictine nun summing up all that has gone wrong with religious life in the last forty years.

Sister Chittister runs around from conference to conference trading on the name of the Benedictine order. She fancies herself as a prophetess. St Benedict had harsh words for religious who wandered from monastery to monastery seeking food and board. One prefers not to think how angry he would be with one of his religious who was a habitual presenter at conferences.

Month of All Souls

Again, in Metten Abbey the Altar of the Death of St Benedict.

Six days before he left this world, he gave order to have his tomb opened, and forthwith falling into an ague, he began with burning heat to wax faint, and when as the sickness daily increased, on the sixth day he commanded his monks to carry him into the oratory, where he armed himself with receiving the body and blood of our Savior Christ; and having his weak body held up by the hands of his disciples, he stood with his own arms lifted to heaven. As he was praying in that manner, he gave up the ghost.

On that same day two monks, one being in his cell, and the other far distant, had one and the same vision concerning him: they saw all the way from the holy man's cell, towards the east even up to heaven, hung and adorned with tapestry and shining with an infinite number of lamps. At the top a man, reverently attired, stood and demanded if they knew who passed that way, to whom they answered saying, that they knew not. Then he spoke to them: "This is the way by which the beloved servant of God, Benedict, ascended up to heaven."

From the Dialogues of Pope St Gregory the Great

First Latin Rite ordinations in over forty years

in the Diocese of Linz. Some pictures.

The same Bishop has just presided over the distribution of 15000 CDs promoting condom use. But sadly not a word of criticism from the St Peter's Fraternity in Linz. How could they given the Bishop's generosity.

Just before these ordinations, theBishop ordained the notorious Deacon Golatz to the priesthood. A poor deal, two traditional priests who could have been ordained elsewhere for a heretic.

At the back of the same Church, a book, which despite its questioning title openly supports Harry Potter movies. Written by a member of the Fraternity of St Peter.

His superior is
Fr Axel Maussen FSSP
Haus St. Michael
Kapellenweg 5
D-88145 Opfenbach

Tel. 0049/8385/16 25 or 9221
Fax 0049/8385/9221-33

Scenes from "mission"ary life


He has actually never been on full mission, but he has been desk-bound administrator of mission and he is also a professor of missiology. Traditional mission he says, "was an unworthy competition for souls" and that Catholic missionaries were in the business of enslavement.

And contrast SVD Sisters.