Saturday, November 11, 2006

It all started to go wrong before the Council III


Vast world, my parish. A book on soteriology which prepared the way for the notorious and erroneous translation of "pro multis" with "for all" in the Canon of the new Mass. It was published in 1959. The give away is the subtitle, Cardinal Congar's parish extends to "Truth and the Dimensions of Salvation". Not a modest Cardinal.

What we have lost


Eucharistic Congress, Namur, 1902 - Procession of the Blessed Sacrament. Stational altar behind to right.

And continued to go wrong afterwards


The "Hour of the World" published in 1971. What an outrageous title for any Catholic to publish, let alone a Cardinal.

It all started to go wrong before the Council II


Atheists, my brothers. A little book by the famous Dominican, Sertillanges produced in January 1940. Three months later the Nazi's stormed in, so he no doubt had a chance to put his views into practice.
This was German Church policy, the protestants for the most part caving in quickly.
Some years later, the Pact of Metz with the Communists, atheists of the left rather than the right.



birds named for their resemblance to the habit of the famous order. One suspects however that the brown bird may be a Franciscan.

Divus Thomas dixit

The Sublime (I hesitate slightly over translating Divus as divine) Thomas.

There is a story of an oral examination in Rome. The seminarian opens his presentation "Divus Thomas dixit" and repeats this as a justification throughout. The professor is livid and harrangues him for almost an hour. Do you have no thoughts of your own? Are there no other theologians? There he says, what do you say now?

The answer comes back,

Divus Thomas Dixit.

Incidentally, the present Pope, as an Augustinian, was the first Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in centuries who was not a Thomist.

Vigil in Rome outside the Pope's Residence


in prayer and support for the restoration of the Latin Mass to the Catholic Church.

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Meanwhile, even in France.